Female population predicted to surpass males by 2016

Article: "We like daughters better"... by 2016, population of women to surpass the men?

Source: Newsis via Nate

Article says that as a society, families are preferring daughters over sons, replacing the historical preference for sons as women take on a stronger foothold in society and the economy. To date, Korea has always had more men than women, but sociologists predict that by 2016, the female population will surpass males.

1. [+558, -316] Because everyone knows it sucks d*ck to live as a man in Korea
- Yeah right, women get misogynistic treatment just for breathing here...
- You speak as if you would've been someone making history if you were born a woman
- Are you stupid? Be happy you were born a man. Even at work alone, I get discriminated against for being a woman.

2. [+439, -76] Too bad as a country, it's too scary to even dream of giving birth to a daughter. Every single day, there are news and scandals about sexual assaults, molestation, rape, and murder. Every. single. day.

3. [+373, -52] Well daughters have more aegyo... I think it'd be more fun raising a little girl. I'd like to give birth to a daughter myself.

4. [+88, -5] There's no point in raising a son anymore, they bring back nothing for the family. I'm one of such sons.

5. [+39, -19] Giving birth to a daughter is like saving money in today's society. Imagine having to save up for your son's future wedding... It eats away at your retirement. And even after you pay for it all, you don't get anything back..