Apparently the entertainment industry is what it is, sexual abuse scandals and all

So some of my readers as well as Asian Junkie recently pointed out the media's disregard for the actual scandals that mattered this year, like the mess with Open World.

No Cut News did talk a bit about it as a part of their 2012 wrap-up series re-highlighting the Open World case but it didn't get that much attention. I guess what's more disturbing is that people just accept it for what it is instead of initiating any changes.


Article: [2012 Entertainment Wrap Up 3] Dreams of trainees trampled on by sexual abuse

Source: No Cut News via Nate

1. [+242, -1] Honestly, the entertainment industry probably has the people with the dirtiest backgrounds

2. [+227, -7] I think I know why Lee Hyun Woo said in the past, "I will never marry a celebrity"

3. [+214, -9] From sponsors to providing sexual services in exchange for fame, innocent people don't have a chance at becoming celebrities