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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Positive Dump: Park Shin Hye, "White Love", 'I Miss You'

Article: Park Shin Hye 'Running Man' all kill, final win by controlling Kim Jong Guk

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+298, -21] It was so cute watching her interact with Jaesuk ㅋㅋㅋ Overall, it was a fun episode ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+250, -17] It opened~~~~ ㅋㅋ Such a jokester, she was so cute

3. [+254, -42] I was so amazed at Park Shin Hye's beauty while watching... Song Ji Hyo was pretty as well... Surprised at Lee Seung Gi's detective skills... and disappointed at Kwang Soo getting out so early.


Article: K. Will, Soyu, Jungmin's 'White Love' to be released on the 29th

Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

1. [+192, -23] I could feel the true charm of Soyu's voice in Officially Missing You ㅋ

2. [+164, -31] I've always liked Soyu way better than Bora and Dasom ㅋㅋ ~ Her voice is charming

3. [+139, -26] Soyu, I want to soyu (own) you. As she sings great, I look forward to her duet with K. Will


I will not be doing 'I Miss You' articles after this. There's way too many to keep up with and responses are ALL THE SAME. I'll cover the finale like I do with other dramas. Feel free to drop a mention if there's anything special going on you'd like to see a response to :)


Article: 'I Miss You' the stereotype of Yoo Seung Ho, it's time to shed them

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+613, -14] Who said he still hasn't shed his child actor image... I mean, look at his gaze!!!

2. [+532, -16] Why why why why who said they still see him as a child, I watch this drama purely for Yoo Seung Ho

3. [+481, -51] It's not that Seung Ho looks young, it's that Yoon Eun Hye is old and he looks younger by comparison;


Article: 'I Miss You' Park Yoochun, he is just an actor

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+519, -196] Park Yoochun is showing absolute concentration, as if he's really Han Jung Woo. An hour goes by so fast when my eyes are so busy chasing him.

2. [+469, -193] I don't want to argue about anything. He's good, that's all there is to it. I was surprised at 'Han Jung Woo' Park Yoochun's ability to lead the drama and am feeling some excitement for the first time in a while. The work is great, the acting is even better.

3. [+450, -184] Park Yoochun is showing greater depth in his acting with each new drama. He's brought out the charms of the character Han Jung Woo.



  1. Song Ji Hyo >>>>>>>>>>>> Park Shin Hye
    Her face looks weird at the 1st photo. No offence!


    Soyu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bora&Dasom
    Soyu can sing way better than them.

  2. I really like park shin hye.

  3. I really like park shin hye.

  4. I really like park shin hye.

  5. ok thats it park yoochun cannot act so just stop with the media play!

    1. if yoochun cannot act then who can? then how is acting should be? have you even watched any of his dramas?

    2. I knw rite?netizen also agrees that he can act...i donno whats wrong with some ppl

  6. Park Shin Hye is the cutest! She seems so easy going.

    Glad to see the Soyu love! She's my favorite member I (I actually prefer the sound of her voice to Hyorin) along with Dasom.

  7. 'I miss you' was first in the ratings recently, is that media play too?

  8. LMAO did u watch the drama? Don't be jealous. He can act way better than ur idol oppas, and some of actors out there.

    IMY indeed recorded over 15% in Seoul, at the first position lmao but there is no article like that here.

  9. ...who are you talking to? I'm making fun of how anonymoose runs into every jyj article screaming about media play

  10. lol sure keep saying that to yourself

    If you think SJH is prettier, none of them represents Korean beauty but ShinHye stand out more in my opinion (if not she wouldn't be paired with many hotties in her career)

    As in actresses, SJH'd not be this popular if it wasn't RM where PSH has always known for her projects ( whether when she started her fame at the age of 13 or become popular internationally with You're beautiful"). She is a Hallyu princess at the age of 21, the first actress will have a Asian tour FM

    People might watch SJH's works because they like her personally where people would watch PSH's works because either they like her ( just like SJH) or they always like her works

    it's kind of sad to see how runners hate on PSH just because she did her best in the game which was asked by the PD and won most of them. How many actresses that put themselves in the game like her. A few right?

    And obviously SJH and PSH like each other ( PSH helped SJH in ep 120 and SJH helped back in the ep 121). There is no need to compare or hate on them. Fans are so immature and shallow sometimes.

  11. Thank you for posting about ShinHye
    I really appreciate that

  12. Yeah. So what? I think she's prettier than PSH. Is it wrong to have an opinion? I don't care whether she represents korean beauty or not but i like Jihyo more. I don't care how much hotties she were paired.

    Agree about SJH but PSH only known for You're Beautiful. Hallyu princess? Not really. Her drama flopped esp Heartstrings. Even Yonghwa popularity can't help it.She's famous for YB but after that? Not really. She's still famous but not that famous There's nothing outstanding about her. If you compared to other actress,they deserved more than her to be a Hallyu princess. There are many actresses that can act better and prettier than her.

    Don't care how people like SJH or PSH. And i don't care about Running Man thingy. And i don't hate her. And if other fans being so immature and shallow what's your problem? If you don't like them,feel free to ignore them and is it wrong to compare someone? as if you never did something like that before.

    1. To >> toparkshinhyefan

      You really don't hate Park Shin Hye.... You actually HATE YOURSELF....and in hating yourself, you get to hate the world and all that is beautiful in it.....GET LOST... You have a personality problem.. or better yet.. GO TO A REHAB... you need it for yourself.. Don't worry if PSH is not popular or pretty or good an actress as you claim.... One thing I'm sure though.... PARK SHIN HYE is a lot beautiful Inside and Out THAN YOU... not to mention RICHER and MORE POPULAR.... i advise you to see your psychiatrist....

  13. I was being nice and polite but....
    haha you are so stupid I can't even... Really? Idols are popular that actors? and IDOLS will help drama ratings? HAHAH

    ( That's why, YoonA>>>> everyone in Korea, and look at how low Love rain's ratings were )

    Another note, Hallyu has nothing to do with rating. It's international popularity and $ from oversea. HS might have low rating but not many drama have 10,000 fans to come to a drama FM.

    And ShinHye doesn't loose much to have someone as like you not like her. Have a nice day

  14. As far as i know, park shin hye is the first actress who will hold an asia tour.
    N u know what, at that time, maybe city hunter gain high rating than heartsrings, but heartstrings gain more money than city hunter, because of merchandise selling n OST, ah n of course low cost of production too, much profit ..........kekeke
    *no offense

    RM with seunggi n shinhye is the best ever ^^

  15. Are you from this world ?LOL!!!! Not that famous? Are you kidding? Yeah ur free to have your opinion but plssssss back it up with facts.Can act better? Maybe cos ur not watching any of her acting.U DON'T HATE HER?ITS OBVIOUS UR HATING ON HER.What's with all the comments bout her not being popular and her acting. It's ok if u found the other girl beautiful, beauty is subjective. But putting down someone else to make urself feel good or ur idol better is an obvious sign of insecurity.

  16. 3. [+481, -51] It's not that Seung Ho looks young, it's that Yoon Eun Hye is old and he looks younger by comparison

    I agree. I like YEH, but I still find the pairings in this drama odd...whether it be her with Yoo Seung Ho or Yoochun.

  17. Yoochun improves alot...even make me 1 episode..that impresses the heck out of me

  18. You don't have to think she is pretty and popular but her trending worldwide yesterday for appearance in MAMA proved it. Most of the tweets were talking about how gorgeous she is. And if not many she isn't that popular how come I don't see other actresses 's have their names trending as well.
    Thanks for paying your time on her though even you don't like her lol

  19. honey, you replying to the wrong person ^^

  20. ok.. I will tell him directly

  21. Jihyo unnie is too soft to female guest, she lost several times because she never think that they are the "spy/bad guy" kkk and PSH did a good job, she didn't nervous at all so nobody suspect her XDD

  22. SalmaYousefSweilemJanuary 11, 2013 at 2:23 PM

    Why always people telling that shin hye is famous bcz JGS or YH that is pathetic from people who expressed their hatred towards person .
    Shin hye deserve every thing good she is the modest , beautiful and hard working person
    If you hate her so much why bothering yourself to comment.

  23. HAHAHA. You are a joker. Really.
    None of your words make sense. You are not a hater yet ranting and raging here???? Lmao
    Her drama flopped yet you know about her drama so very well?? Do you know she has been a terrific actress before You're Beautiful?? Lmao
    And Idol help the rating? Puaahahahahahahahahaaha. Shinhye is the one who back up the idol. Netizens hate idol acting. Lmao
    She is hallyu queen for something. You are not a so insignificant person to define her hallyu power.
    Recently she is the ONLY actress in Top 100 Most Popular Korean Artist in French.
    Yeah you shallow and rude. And I'm happy to say it ^^

  24. fyi i love JGS and YH Because PARK SHIN HYE, everythings about PSH i loved the most

    from you writing i think youre MGY fans bcos mgy fans always butthurt in PSH site like what are you doing. so leave from here. go to youre dora the explore aka little ahjumma.. haha

    i never think wants to insult mgy but her fans always loved to make fanwars poor mgy has fans liked you