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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

P.O.'s father's wealth pisses off netizens

Article: Block B P.O. joins the ranks of 'wealthy idols "Father owns a duty-free shop" confession

TV Daily via Nate

MCs asked P.O. if rumors were true about his wealthy family background and P.O. said he grew up comfortably but no, his father just owns a duty-free shop and that the rumors were exaggerated.

1. [+384, -24] But he received a Benz for his 20th birthday... If that's not wealthy, then I don't know what is

2. [+267, -23] Benz...

3. [+144, -67] Didn't they say they reflected? At a harvesting festival Block B said they hated rice pizza. What the???

4. [+86, -52] They should've taught him some manners if they're so rich

5. [+86, -64] So he must've been so cocky on TV because he's rich, eh?


I guess there are rumors on the internet about P.O. receiving a benz for his birthday? I'm not sure. But the rice thing was another controversy a few weeks ago when Block B performed at a harvesting festival. When the MCs asked what they thought of pizza made out of rice, Taeil said he wouldn't like it and netizens got mad because it was disrespectful.



  1. Netizens are always butthurt about everything. I just don't understand why would it matter to them if someone has money, has sex or does drugs. Just live your life, try to make money, try not to have sex and don't do drugs if you don't like it.

  2. is there anything netizen dont get mad at? because one of them dont like pizza made out of rice they should be wiped off the face of earth to please u? stupid, hating is ok everyone does it but at least have a legit reason behind it

  3. So, in Korea you have to be poor to be loved by netizens? l o l
    Should have P.O replied something like "Oh yes my family is very rich and I've been spoiled all my life", they would have hated him even more for being pretentious orz

  4. Well these people didn't read the article.

  5. So we're not allow to dislike certain foods now? :\

  6. . [+384, -24] But he received a Benz for his 20th birthday... If that's not wealthy, then I don't know what is

    Farari 612, Rolls Royce Phanton...
    yeahh you dont know what wealth is but then again neither do i

  7. That article was utter BS...even worse than the "Block B calls a girl group idol ugly." That one was definitely horribly distorted and cut out chunks of the conversation just to stir more controversy. Seriously, if I ever come across these journalists in real-life, I just might do bodily harm =____=

  8. I remember Pyo updating his Cyworld with this picture with the caption, "Bwest Dwivwer (T/N: Best Driver)" cr: bontheblock. But he deleted it afterwards.


  9. Oh yeah...I remember that post xD I guess the rumors aren't so unfounded after all.

  10. To be fair his family could have been saving up for that car. It just seems like an awkward thing to get upset about; idols come in an array of class backgrounds these days. Pizza made out of rice...that sounds good ngl lol. But I wouldn't get upset if someone else felt differently.

  11. So ridiculous. Everything Block B says always gets taken out of context. It frustrates me to no end. If anything, P.O. was being humble about his background and wasn't flaunting it. Stupid netizens; wish I could punch them all in the face.

  12. Why the hell are netizens bitching. P.O was humble in this article. They hate over the stupidest reasons. They're just finding reasons to hate on him. This is bullshit.

  13. SMH netizens are just being dumb. If they don't like a food why should they lie about it? Anything they say netizens will always do the opposite.

  14. Plus P.O is an only child, plus the money he makes from Block B could've been saved for that car too.

  15. what do netizen want with this actually?
    i'm a lil confuse...
    he didnt brag and yet they call him cocky...

    their parents gave him benz so what?
    he should brag about it then?
    and faced more attack from netizens?

    he should just come and said yeah i'm rich
    what chu gonna do about that?


  16. a celebrity driving a benz isn't really that impressive. i'm sure they didn't pay cash for it and the payments are probably within their range. netizens need to chill

  17. omg, he looks like a vampire!!! why so white! D:

  18. meh, it was rude from them. they should have said they like rice and shut up.

  19. Except that it was a mistranslation/taken out of context. The hosts had asked them if they ate a lot of rice, but Taeil said that they eat mostly junk food. The hosts then said that there was pizza made out of rice, which led to Taeil saying he didn't like it. People will always find something to twist negatively when it comes to Block B.

  20. lol do you think idols earn so much?

  21. P.O has a license? XD

    They seem a bit jealous... and that rice pizza "controversy" was the stupidest thing to happen all year. But has anyone else noticed that they are trying to pick on different members? First it was Taeil (two times), now it's P.O... I wonder who will be next.

  22. Can. People.Stop. Picking. On. Block. B. :{
    By duty-free shop... does that mean his parents own one of those airport stores?

    And if he really got a Benz for his birthday, holy shit. That's kind of normal where I live here in the US but considering the fact that I didn't see a single non-Hyundai non-Kia or non-Samsung car when I lived in Korea, having a foreign car must be a pretty big deal!

  23. ''were asked what they thought of pizza made out of rice, Taeil said he
    wouldn't like it and netizens got mad because it was disrespectful.''

    Umm how can you hate his own damn opinions? Poor Pizza's feelings must've been hurt....

  24. I guess netizens were angry about the rice thing, because harvesting festival = harvesting rice. And the MC asked on TV, so most people will agree with what the MC says and follow. So I get why the netizens may be upset.

    Don't agree with the car though. I think they're just jealous.

  25. There's nothing wrong with expressing your dislike for certain food, but if you are at a Harvesting festival promoting rice, then you'd be expected to have the least bit of common sense and tact to either keep quiet or tell a white lie if you have to.

  26. Yet another one of the sheeple that believe anything written by these "journalists"...

  27. first of all pizza made out of rice does not sound very appetizing.
    second of all if Siwon and Hyungsik go around talking about their wealth and shit than i dont see why PO cant.

  28. what did they pick on taeil?

  29. benz is a big thing okay. to big stars maybe it isnt but to rookies YES very impressive.

  30. Well netizens..(p/s:i'm not big fans of any idols) if you think their words are least they stand up there and tell the truth of their feelings..if you guys don't like what they said,they willing to stand and bow to give apologize and beg forgiveness.Unlike some "people" hiding in the shadow just typing something even sarcastic and disrespectful..some even asking the idols to die. Though we don't know who you are, but your words is kind of "weapons", that might really drive them to dead end. You guys have Freedom of speech, but not everyone has a strong heart and mental can handle it. Some artists chose to commit suicide cause of your invisible "weapons". Do any of these netizens take responsibility to stand up and bow for forgiveness?

  31. T_________T why is people so shitty and envious? this is like GD's flower made of money all over again... having money is his fault now?? so he needs to deny his father owns a duty free shop?? if he does then i bet he'll be called a liar and would be hated on too... and about the harvesting festival article... i wouldnt like that pizza either... dont like it?? S-U-E M-E!!! its ridiculous they cant een say hey dont like certain food because then theyre disrespectful WTF?

  32. It's not that they're envious... It's kinda like...

    P.O supposedly received a Mercedes Benz for his 20th birthday from his family. That's a luxury car and extremely expensive in Korea because of import fees or whatever, plus the upkeep is pricey as well.

    He was asked if his family was wealthy, and he responded by saying "No, my dad just owns a duty free shop" or something.

    They're offended not because he's rich, but because he's obviously so much better off than about 90% of the Korean population and he doesn't think he's well-off at all. He thinks he's "comfortable".

    "Comfortable" in Korea is being able to afford a moderately priced house in a nice area in Seoul. If you can afford to gift your child a luxury car for his birthday, you are MUCH more than simply "comfortable".

    It gives the impression that he's looking down/being condescending towards everyone. And tbh, he could've answered that question much more tactfully... But then again, Block B is known for being very tactless.

    It's sort of like... When Ann Romney said she thinks she isn't rich ("And—and, so, you know, we can be poor in spirit and I don't—I don’t look—I don't even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing." on FOX News)... when she and her husband both have tax-exempt retirement funds worth tens of millions of dollars and earned $21.6 million last year—roughly $50k per day.


    What can you do...? Giving interviews with tact is something idols should've learned during their trainee days.

    1. Fact is, netizens can't stand Block B and the fact that they didn't disband annoys the hell out of them. No amount of tact can remedy that. The only people offended by his comment are those who already dislike Block B *shrug*

  33. woah.. I don't like potatoes so much and I'm German. Am I being disrespectful as well? -.-

    1. sorry but shouldn‘t been beer, saussage?and the F1 driver? just curios...don‘t hate me

  34. Netizens can be hilariously pathetic at times. Why does that piss them off.... and wow, poor Block-B, they cant even dislike food.. tsk tsk :(

  35. I'm not really a Block B fan, but this is so ridiculous. He gets called cocky for saying that he isn't wealthy and that the rumors were exaggerated? If he had said that he was wealthy and brought up his Benz then that would seem a bit cocky to me, but he said almost the opposite...

    It seems as if some netizens are simply jealous that they cannot afford an imported car themselves. Either that or they can't read properly.

  36. lol, even this he should have say we ate rice and shut up, why bring junk food ? just lie and people will love you.

  37. Also, wealth comes from SOMEONE'S hard work. If not P.O then his father. If not his father then his grandfather, etc.

  38. because they're idols! they need to lie to please the public, it's common sense. if you want to be honest don't become famous.

  39. What? Not liking rice pizza is disrespectful??? Jezz, seems like Block B has to contend with scandals for the rest of their idol careers. Any little thing they do is scandalous.

  40. Korea love plastic people, innocent type like old supposed "T-ara"

  41. Having to lie about the foods you like is stupid....he's not an ambassador or a diplomatic figure that need to eat foods from other coutries and say it's good to appeal to their goodwills.

    A +20 yrs old pop act don't like pizza rice???!! WTF?? That bitch!!


  42. Why so serious? Saying that you don't like something is bad, huh?

    Bitch please =___________=

  43. So what? Anyway he earns money, but robbing :))

  44. Every little thing they do, they get criticized.

  45. Maybe in K-netizzens' opinion, becoming rich is a crime :|

  46. they are 2yo group? or 1 year? Getting Benz from their payment is impossible imo. How many albums they sell? I don't think Block B have many CF deal yet but my knowledge about them is limited

    1. as far as i know neither one of the singes (not even the americans) can survive through the albums sells. Their money come throught their author rights (even one song can bring to the author big money), concerts, shows. From a previous article the singers are paid between 20000 and 60000$ . and that‘s for couple songs.
      The benz is from his family (from the comments)

  47. Block B is known for being very tactless. --> knowing that this thing been giving them trouble (causing misunderstanding) if that so, Cho PD need to give them advance lesson in public speaking.

  48. me? a bitch? you're just a cunt, asshole!

  49. You're right, being loved as someone you're actually not is sooo great. It's because of people like you that most idols are afraid to express themselves.

  50. "Are the harvesters going to pack up and go home crying for that? Nope." LOL, this cracked me up :D
    So true, though.

  51. If they were taught to answer questions and behave properly, this wouldn't be a problem. Ever since their debut, they've just been running their mouths saying whatever they want. There's a difference between being honest and being a dick.

    Just because they got a little recognition, they think they can do and say whatever they want. First with mocking the victims of the Thailand flood; then there was that thing where the members went to a festival honoring farmers and insulted the honorees of the festival... and now P.O talking about how he doesn't think his family is rich.

    His family IS rich. Buying a foreign luxury car in Korea is a big fucking deal. Only celebrities, successful businessmen, and wealthy socialites drive luxury cars in Korea.

  52. The Benz was given to him by his parents.

  53. LOL that is NOT humble.

  54. Hold up hold up HOLD UP.

    First of all, they were not mocking the victims of the Thailand flood IN ANY WAY. If you had actually taken the time to do your research, then you would know that the interview was cut horribly and Zico's comments were taken out of context. Zico had said that although there wasn't much they could do, they could at least offer some monetary aid to help the victims of Thailand. Kyung then asked 'How much do you have with you right now?' Zico then said '... 7000 won', and the members of Block B were laughing at him because he was broke, not because he was 'insulting the victims of Thailand' (WHICH HE WASN'T). And if you had actually seen the interview as well, Zico wasn't laughing in any way. You could see from his face that he looked ashamed and embarrassed that he only had that much money on him.

    Second of all, they did not 'insult the honorees of the festival.' Like I said earlier, they were asked if they liked to eat rice. Taeil said they did, but because of their schedule, they mostly had to eat junk food. The hosts then said that there were certain junnk foods made out of rice, like rice pizza, but Taeil said he didn't prefer it. Should he be shitted on for his personal opinion about that? Absolutely not. Everyone has different taste when it comes to food. Who gives a shit honestly, I'm sure the people there weren't insulted. It's just netizens and people who weren't actually there that blow things up unnecessarily.

    Ugh, and PO was indeed humble when it came to him being asked that question. The hosts kept pestering him about it and he looked pretty uncomfortable during that portion.

    1. Like your comment... what made the situation worst was Nick comment, it was like gas over fire ><

      this time i really don‘t understand the netizens :(

      No matter what Block B say or do the knetizen would never be satisfied. They answer honestly to the questions so they are arrogants; if they had lied they would had been liars... did they always hate BlockB?

      the only way for BlockB to win is to be true to themselves and not to give a s*** on the netizen


  56. And how is that? Enlighten me.

  57. They never mocked the flood victims. Please get your facts right before spewing bullshit.

  58. the whole match up nonsense over ugly female idols without make up that was taken totally out of context in so many ways

  59. But they did say that. And it was the hosts that brought up the junk food topic to begin with.

    Why is so hard to believe that this is a botched up article written just to stir controversy and get page views?

  60. Preach!
    I need not say more.

  61. I don't see how he could've answered that question with more tact. In this case, he's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. If he said, "Yeah, my parents are rich and I grew up in a wealthy background," I hardly believe they would've reacted positively anyways. I also don't see how him being modest about his family's means can be seen as condescending either.

  62. Idols are damned either way. They can lie and pretend and then get caught in their own lies later on and life and be accused of trying to deceive the public, or they can tell the truth and risk offending others who don't agree with it (or be an easy target for mistranslations, words taken out of context, etc.).

  63. Humility is a big thing in a lot of asian cultures.

  64. Yeah so he said that his dad just had a duty-free shop and netizzen still get mad ....

  65. cuz netizens love to grasp at straws trying to find fault with them. The rice pizza thing was taken out of context as usual. They were asked to name some of the things they like with rice in it and they and they did, but when asked if they liked rice in pizza taeil said no. I don't see what's wrong with liking one type of food the traditional way while liking other things with rice in it. It was just a matter of food preference but reporters conveniently conveyed the message as: 'taeil does not like pizza made of rice at a harvest festival' which changes the vibe entirely.

  66. do u get a sense of him being condescending here? Isn't that quite a stretch? If he's super rich and claims the opposite then perhaps he's being dishonest, but that still doesn't necessarily make someone condescending. Being condescending involves behaving in a way that reflects your superiority and i don't see how that is apparent here? Besides, he's not even outright denying it, he actually just doesn't want ppl to exaggerate things since the MCs brought up some trivia about each idol and he was asked what he thought of being called a 'rich idol'. It does seem as if his family is relatively well-off (if those rumours are true) but the statement here is completely different from what Ann Romney said and its not likely that P.O is mega rich either. He's not denying anything, just asking ppl not to assume too much about his family's circumstances. So what exactly is wrong here that deserves to be criticized? It's really a storm in a teacup and ppl are grasping at straws trying to call them 'rude' and 'tactless' every chance they get based on their own inherent bias and preconceptions. Without even looking closer at the full conversation, ppl seem to be bandwagoning all the time because its logical to assume that if they have been tactless before they must be tactless in every instance amirite? I woud suggest ppl to come up with an alternative response that would be more 'tactful' because i don't see what else the guy could say that can help clear up assumptions about his financial status yet appear humble enough but not seem 'condescending'.

  67. pls get the facts straight first. They were asked to name some of the things they like with rice in it and they did, but when asked if they liked rice in pizza taeil said no. There's nothing wrong with liking one type of food the traditional way while liking other things with rice in it. It was just a matter of food preference but reporters conveniently conveyed the message as: 'taeil does not like pizza made of rice at a harvest festival' and cut out the parts when they did talk about all the rice products they do love b4 that, which changes the vibe entirely. If u want to rely on korean journalism to give u facts then go ahead, but i would recommend being a bit more doubtful of articles that seems to play to the interests of certain groups (in this case ppl who alr dislike block b) to increase page views. The bias and exaggeration in most of these articles are painfully obvious; i suggest u start picking up on them

  68. yes, consumption may not reflect someone's wealth /income and ppl don't seem to get that. And being in the duty-free business may very well mean that they can procure foreign goods quite easily and at a relatively low price since the family may be involved in importing those things. To me it seems more like a case of parents doting on their only son and may even have put some effort into getting that car, so given these possibilities i wouldn't be surprised if the assumptions of his wealth is actually exaggerated and he should b allowed to clear that up.

  69. if there's nothing great at stake that needs to be lied about then why lie about these petty things? Is there no value to some honesty when appropriate? And it's not like fans don't know how hectic idols' schedules are; its common knowledge that most idols don't eat proper meals and at the right time. If ppl find out that they don't actually eat rice as much as they claimed then wouldn't netizens have smth more substantial to pick on? I can imagine ppl calling them a 'disgrace' for not eating a local produce, going to an event to promote said produce and lying that they actually eat a lot of it. You're saying it as if the wrath of netizens is solely caused by the idols/celebs and that the idols have to do everything in their power to appease them. That's a nasty vicious cycle and celebs should really stop catering to everyone else's whims and fancies.

  70. Rice pizza? That don't even sound good. >_<

  71. urm i didnt say it was wrong for him to have a Benz? i was just stating Benz is a big deal lol. n i thought his parents gave it to him?

  72. I just don't know why everyone tend to get mad, sorreh ~ ...Anyway, I heard that his dad gave it to him. I really want one :))

  73. How the fuck is not liking a certain kind of food disrespectful?! :/ They need to get that stick out their asses for fucks sake give idols a break, jeez.

  74. Their albums are all self-produced, so they get more royalties for their albums/songs than most idols.

  75. hahaha yeah i get that.

  76. Wow, there's so much wrong with your post I don't even know where to begin.

    Please get your facts straight before posting because your ignorance is showing :P

  77. And the K-netizen bs continues.....

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  79. The kid looks like his a Volturi from Twilight, and their not nice looking at all.
    I don't know about cars BUT Benz sounds like something fancy!
    Also I don't know much about the Korean culture but I don't understand why the netizens are getting angry. The MC's asked Taeli his opinion about rice pizza & he truthfully(?)

  80. So suddenly not liking a kind of food is bad? People have different tastes, who says you have to like every single food? Netizens sometimes take their stupidity too far..

    Being rich does necessarily mean you live like a rich person, I know someone whose family is rich but lives like middle class. Him getting a Benz for his 20th birthday, I see nothing wrong with that ._.

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  85. Okay, i get it. If i'm an idol/actor/artists/famous person in Korea, i will and definitely will like every single thing in the world. Nah, not allowed to dislike anything. Nor voice my own opinions.

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  87. To quote my best friend, "So if i said i didn't like fish I'd be disrespecting all fishermen ?!"
    I just find it so infuriating that people would still find reasons to hate on Block B even when THEY'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG. Why do netizens feel the need to scrutinize their every little move and judge them for it?! They take the smallest of things and blow it out of proportions. Have you got nothing better to do with your lives? Do you spend all day just tracking their every move, wishing and waiting for them to make a mistake? At this rate, I'm pretty sure the next headline would be about that one interview where they said they loved eating burgers SO THAT MUST MEAN THEY HATE ANIMALS RIGHT?
    And like, why the hell would you be pissed that P.O.'s dad has a job and decides to buy his kid a birthday present?! That doesn't even make sense at all. Are you just jealous cause all you got for your birthday was a cake?
    Seriously guys, just leave the kids alone.

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  100. he looks so white it creepy is this suppose to be pretty disgusting

  101. Korean and international fans always prefer the idol who lies they don't care if they lie in their faces as long they believe it that's why you can hardly see a korean group who speak their mind yes they get angry when they discover that their idols are lying but that's just being hypocrite , at the bottom of themselves they knew it so yeah fans are just hypocrites. I'm really glad to finally find a group who doesn't care what others say and speak what they think however they have started to change a bit they aren't so honest lately. They are more careful and that's because the fans and the main reason it's that they want to become more famous. It's sad but lies sell in the korean industry. Idols can't express their thoughts as they want.

  102. Looool i hate rice pizza too... sigh Block B why do you always get caught in the stupidest controversies? Your haters really have no life.