Netizens tire of media play overkill on Davichi's Minkyung's body

Article: Kang Minkyung's transforming body... 'pearly volume' in her white tank top

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+337, -109] Everyone already knows she got breast implants so why does she insist on proudly showing off her cleavage in shirts like that? ㅡㅡ; People will only call you pretty for so long, now she's just like "Please look at my breasts"

2. [+192, -36] Why has her image gotten so cheap? She wasn't like that before... tsk tsk

3. [+248, -124] Isn't she just really skinny? Her body's nothing special other than her waist, and her chest isn't that big. As for her hips, well she gets butt pads so pass on that.

4. [+38, -4] Honestly sick of reading articles about her body.. Why is she so popular? Is she getting so much media play because she has an amazing sponsor? I really don't know.

5. [+34, -7] What kind of sponsor does she have that we're being bombarded with this many articles about her body at the top on Nate?