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Friday, November 30, 2012

B1A4's "Tried to Walk" is runner up on 'Music Bank'

Article: 'Music Bank' B1A4 vocal talent-looks-stage manners 'lacking nothing'

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+214, -91] Okay, they improved a lot but this song does not deserve to be runner up. There are a lot of people around me that have never even heard of their song. Their fans are hilarious though, what's up with them hating on Psy? Psy's known worldwide, he can't even be compared to a group like this...

2. [+219, -97] This song is really runner up for #1... ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+194, -101] Wow Music Bank is giving everyone and their moms the runner up title



  1. it really is hilarious seeing fans getting MAD that psy is still winning. how can they say psy is undeserving of the title? simply cause youre 'bored' of his winning streak? hahah, i don't see anyone else being a worldwide sensation. surprisingly i am not tired of gangnam style yet but i can tell the hype is dying down. as for b1a4, being a runner up is a feat, fans should appreciate that.

  2. being mentioned in the same sentence as psy is the crowning moment of their career!

  3. "Their fans are hilarious though, what's up with them hating on Psy? Psy's known worldwide, he can't even be compared to a group like this..."
    B1A4's fans are averagely 13/16 years old, what's up with them hating on teenage girls??
    Honestly, I'm not a fan of B1A4 or Psy anti (more like I don't care about both) but this comment bothers me, excuse me but Gangnam Style is the shittiest song I heard this year. YES it's fun, for dancing, for partying, but it's not something I enjoy listening on my ipod. So why is that netizens bragging about Psy like Psy is the best artist of the century? Yes he's known worldwide, it doesn't mean is song is better than others (in that case artists like Ailee, Big Bang or K. Will, would make it to the US)
    B1A4's song is not the best but it sounds better than Gangnam Style (everything sounds better than GS imo)

  4. I don't want to say anything mean
    no disrespect to Psy lmfao but all the comments just brOKE ME
    and like I'm probably biased because I'm a BANA and all lmfao
    but really
    Tried to walk is so much better than Gangnam Style?????
    It genuinely is?
    I'm happy B1A4 isn't ""worldwide"" because at least they're famous on their own merit
    they have no famous sunbaes or powerful company anything
    and they're not freaking getting fame through being a joke
    Sorry, but Psy isn't gaining fame for talent, but because he's a funny Asian man
    ya ok y'all can be proud you can give him the MuBank award or whatever for the rest of the century but can we not degrade others in the process jfc??? what do you get out of it??
    disregarding the laws of english rn bc butthurt!!!!!!

  5. who are these boys releasing mediocre songs to the public

  6. exactly, in your opinion. and in THE OTHERS opinion, Gangnam Style is better. ^^

  7. Hm yeah, what's the point of repeating what I wrote... o_o

  8. OMG... This! You wrote everything that was in my mind. We're not alone.

  9. i repeat becoz u seems to have ur own opinion so why question others'? they are entitled to brag and condemn too. and i am also stating my opinion. the end

  10. I kind of agree with netizens this time. Are they getting any broadcasting points? "Tried to Walk" is not even top 50 on MelOn's real time charts so how are they besting the likes of Ailee, Lee Hi, Noel, etc.? That makes no sense to me. Yes, they sell their albums really well but digital score is weighed much more heavily than album scores for both MuBank and MCD so I'm really confused right about now.

  11. Please stop replying to my comments just to say something like that, I'm tired of having those fucking notifications. And whatever, you want to give your opinion? Just write a comment, don't reply to mine.

  12. Good for them. What are they complaining about?

  13. They actually had more points digitally and album wise this week then PSY. I assume what also helped them were their IS2 appearances (since they became regulars) and their Dream team appearance.

  14. to be fair, they really improved a lot. like, a LOT. their recent performance in immortal song 2 is really enjoyable. their vocals are really really improved and more stable, and the rap is, not as messy as before. and esp that singer guy (not sandeul, he's improved but he's already good anyway), his vocal surprised me. i'm not even their fans, but immortal song 2 made me start to like them and looking forward for their next performance there. audiences seem to like them more as well. do well, guys! :D just please tone down the media hype okay. xD

  15. LOL people encounter the same shit you go through everyday on forums, i don't see them getting all pressed and shit saying "please stop replying/i'm tired" .. you make it sound as if i'm a cyberbully