With Suzy as JYP's sole breadwinner, is JYP at risk of losing their 'Big 3' title?

Article: Happy Together 'JYP's Breadwinner' Suzy, the reason she is so loved

Source: Mediaus via Nate

This article is an editorial talking about how Suzy is basically putting food on the table for JYP Entertainment with her popularity lately. The writer mentions that Park Jin Young's movie didn't do so well and 2PM is still recovering from their scandal with Nichkhun on top of miss A not living up to expectations with their recent comeback.

Meanwhile, Suzy is still highly popular and much loved by the public, making headlines everywhere she goes and everything she does, etc, basically making her the sole breadwinner for the entire company.

1. [+434, -66] Well, let's start with the beginning of the year where those JJ Project guys completely screwed up their drama as well as their album, and then Jang Wooyoung, who also failed with his solo album, and then Park Jin Young, who also failed with his movie, and then miss A, who is also failing to garner any type of response with their comeback. It's looking dark for JYP this year.

2. [+408, -40] Hul... broadcast halls really said that all they want from JYP is Suzy... How did JYP drop this low...

3. [+406, -51] Park Jin Young needs to focus more these days... All of the songs he's been making for JYP are really weird... They're not even fun or have any type of feel...

4. [+88, -14] If JYP didn't send the Wonder Girls to America and didn't kick Jay Park out of 2PM, then JYP would be at the head of everything right now...

5. [+77, -17] 2PM became nobodies the minute they became 6PM and 2AM has no future left to their career even if they're not a part of JYP anymore. miss A hit it too big right from the start that they're not able to live up to that anymore.. and the Wonder Girls have been pushed back by a lot of the other girl groups. Compared to SM and YG, JYP hasn't been advancing, but rather declining... So they are no longer a part of the 'Big 3'.