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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hyuna makes her "Ice Cream" comeback on 'Music Bank'

Article: 'Mubank' Hyuna, sexy reign dance on top of her dancer... Provocative comeback

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+646, -126] Hyuna wasn't singing at all and just dancing. Even while just opening and closing her mouth, she made a lot of mistakes. No, she's not a singer, she's a dancer.

2. [+579, -99] Honestly, Ga-In's performances were a lot more sexually suggestive, but it was harder for me to watch Hyuna's stage... because she sucked at singing so bad...

3. Random unrelated comment about Psy

4. [+94, -26] Who does she think she is singing three songs at once?

5. [+88, -6] Of all people, she had to perform right after Ailee ㅋㅋ Couldn't help but compare her poor skills to Ailee. Ailee was the absolute best with her live performance, while Hyuna was out of breath with her lip syncing.

6. [+77, -3] Ailee performed before Hyuna and Ga-In performed after Hyuna. She was just attacked from both ends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+63, -6] Why doesn't she sing? If all she's going to do is open her mouth a few times, she should just switch careers to being a back dancer. It'd be such an embarrassment to the country if she was advanced overseas tsk tsk

8. [+57, -2] Her image has dropped too low for recovery... She was in the middle with Bubble Pop and now she's just dropped. Please.. sing..

9. [+55, -4] I really... really... don't want to hate on her... but her song was so comparable to Ga-In...... I couldn't help but cringe the entire time watching.

10. [+52, -18] What even is the point of that song?? Ga-In and Hyuna's performances are both sexy but Ga-In has a good song so I listen to it anyway but I hate Hyuna's voice in her song... and more than anything, I don't even know what the point of her song is



  1. " Her image has dropped too low for recovery... She was in the middle with Bubble Pop and now she's just dropped. "
    dude, Hyuna and PSY are the new KPOP Queen and King.


  2. Kekeke I liked #10
    What was the point Hyundai's

    1. Damn you autocorrect.

    2. Lol cute anon. Autocorrect is annoying sometimes, I feel you

  3. Lee Hyori' singing sucks too but she's so loved in Korea >___>

    1. Because she do charity works so she's respected for that + her sexy image isn't as "aggressive" as hyuna and started when she was older so it's easier for people to accept her image

      You really can't compare...

  4. #4 THIS, to be quite honest. She didn't need three stages. Two would've been fine.

  5. She was so lifeless in the performance. You can see and clearly hear how tired and dead she was. She is clearly dying from all the work Cube has been stuffing her with since last year. I just feel so sorry for her, I really wonder if she is happy with all the popularity she has but is overworked + has a big share of hate and slutshaming etc. Hell how have her parents being feeling regarding Hyuna as polarizing sex icon figure in k-pop.
    If she was a bit more energetic and charismatic with her performance it would have been a little better tbh disregarding her lack of singing talent and mediocre rapping+dancing skills.

  6. Lee Hyori' singing sucks too but she's so loved in Korea >___>

    You should really check out Finkl songs, the group Hyorin used to be in. Hyori's singing+her sexy image is always brought up to defend Hyuna's same problem but really people saying that should check out Finkl's songs. So if we want to compare, there was actually a time Hyori could sing unlike Hyuna who hasn't proven her singing capabilities.

  7. hyunas a slut, using psy to get popular!

  8. The reason I stopped watching her stage half way is because the song sucks. It's mentally straining to listen to. =.=

  9. 4. [+94, -26] Who does she think she is singing three songs at once?


  10. It was hard watching iceream because she was barely singing, she should just have rapped the whole time. Her singing is too weak even though she was in decent in bubble pop. Idk why she's whisper singing in icecream. I like the dancing though.

  11. I barely like Hyuna but I seriously can't wait for her to get even bigger than what she is now. The butthurt will be amazing. She is like the Korean Rihanna.

  12. That's the point. If they don't like her, never see them again. HyunA seemed not care about them. WIN WIN

  13. "Ailee performed before Hyuna and Ga-In performed after Hyuna. She was just attacked from both ends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

    killed me!

  14. Uh Oh, slut Hyuna, all she can do is whining and making cheap dance. hahaha, so agree with these comments. Good job, K-netizen!

  15. "She is like the Korean Rihanna."
    lol NO. at least Rihanna is a decent singer when she tries & she sounds great in studio recorded songs...unlike Hyuna that even if her voice is overly 'fixed on studio ver. she still sounds TERRIBLE.

  16. Hyuna needs to stay away from her plastic surgeon - he/she is really messing up her face.
    She's no where near as pretty as she used to be last year.

  17. hyuna is getting uglier each year... stop whatever procedure you did, hyuna.. -_-

  18. I really don't get how HyunA fans defend her all the time (yeah, you're fans but c'mon already). I only agree with her fans when they say that she's nice, pretty, and has personality. But talent-wise....?????

    Many HyunA fans say that she deserves all the music opportunities she gets because she's talented and has tons of stage presence + charisma (at least compared to the rest of 4minute). Yet every time I see HyunA on stage her performance is okay or just not that good. She seems even worse when she's next to much better performers (e.g. PSY in Gangnam Style, Hyunseung in Troublemaker, and Zico's guest performances for Just Follow).

    I've never been impressed by any of her work and after all these years she still doesn't seem to be improving. I'm not actually sure if she CAN improve much because she just doesn't seem that talented. Without enough talent to back up her looks or sex appeal, idk what will become of HyunA in the long run :/

  19. "lol NO. at least Rihanna is a decent singer when she tries"

    I love Rihanna. She is my favorite American pop singer, but she got so much shit in the beginning of her career for her voice and she also gets shit for being too sexual. Despite all of this she is still one of the biggest pop stars in America. I see the same future for Hyuna in Korea.

  20. a slut who cant sing lmao

  21. hey, netizenbuzz. can i request comments in article about superstar k4? hong daekwan is so far my favorite contestant... well, i switch it back and forth between him, roy kim, and yoo seungwoo though, haha. i'm glad that he's able to get the spotlight this week~! his performance is really heartfelt, but i wish he can branch into other genres... hmm... ._.
    here is the link:
    thank you~!

  22. Ugly sluts & bitches hate HyunA, damn, you're so ugly for sure!! hahaha

    HyunA is hot no matter what you say, stupid girls!

  23. Korea is not the US. Hyuna couldn't never get that big. She's falling off already... People don't even seem to care about her dancing skills anymore.

  24. yeah she can't sing so what? at least she can rap or dance...if u don't like her singing then why continue listening to it.. im not a 4minute fan btw

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