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Friday, September 28, 2012

Yang Hyun Suk reveals his wife doesn't nag him

Reader requested an interview on Yang Hyun Suk. While the allkpop article focuses on one specific question about his belief in the idol fad, the actual interview covered a wide range of topics from becoming a husband to parenting, etc, so the best replies probably aren't as specific as what you were looking for. They're more focused on him being a hsuband.


Article: [Yang Hyun Suk Special Interview ③] "I feel like I married really well"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate [allkpop article here]

1. [+263, -20] I wouldn't nag him either if he brought home that much money

2. [+226, -35] Eunju must be happy about meeting a talented husband.... She can just stay at home and rest... Jealous... whew whew

3. [+150, -37] When a wife no longer nags, it means she's tired of her husband



  1. About the idol fad thing...can we really call it a "fad" in SK? I don't see something like that fading anytime soon. The industry is transitioning generations, that's why everything seems so slow and boring right now. When groups from 2009-2010 become more grounded and established, things will fall into place. He has a right to his opinion but god damn is he pretentious...

    More on topic: Eunju looks really pretty here.

  2. ^^i was also dubious of his opinion because he based that on the lackluster performance of rookies this year. it's in my opinion that everyone just wanted a piece of that hallyu/idol pie but lacks in making their rookies stand out. also, many of them are from small companies so it's an uphill battle for them to get their rookies 'out there'. hence very very few rookies this year so far had actual tangible success. and pls, when he debuts their SNSD counterpart a large part (though not limited) of the attention would be because it's YG and they are still going to be the formulaic idol group who sings, dances, raps and are pretty no matter how he says they are going to be different. i mean, how are they going to be different when they are an 'idol group'? but expect them to be very suave about their packaging like they did with 2ne1 where they try to break that fact that this group is just as manufactured as all other idols.

  3. well it happened in the U.S. after almost two decades of boy and girl groups. So only time will tell if the same thing happens in SK.

  4. his wife looks cute

  5. YG wasn't being pretentious, he was speaking probably from his own experience. People seem to forget "Papa YG" is a former idol...

    It happened in the last decade, and it will happen again very soon; idols groups will die out, and solo singers will start popping up..

    1. He said it as if the "fad" was over for good just because PSY is getting recognition, and praising his own idols in the process. He's wrong and pretentious for both comments respectively. Btw, even with solo singers around, there were still idol groups.

  6. i know why SM hate his group (esp BB) so much now... haha. xD

  7. She's probably just sitting home counting money anyways. I still say that's the only way this ugly man got a hottie like her.