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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Netizens express outrage over suicide of 'extras' sisters

Article: Netizens express outrage over suicide of 'extras' sisters... group sexual assault 'broadcast version of Dogani'

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate [allkpop article here]

1. [+1,194, -7] How dare they say there is no evidence, how dare they call the daughters and the mother sluts.. They basically just admitted that there indeed was sexually activity involved. Although years have passed, I hope that the truth is revealed and that they receive the consequences for their actions

2. [+953, -6] I'm reminded of the movie Dogani........ Making me so angry

3. [+911, -135] I can't help but shed tears over how bitter the family must feel. Fu*cking b@stards, you will receive the consequences for your actions no matter what.

4. [+63, -1] Isn't the fact that two lives were lost because of these less than human beasts a call for investigation in itself? When reporters went to investigate them, they said that they had nothing to hide but kept telling reporters not to bring up the past. If they're so confident, why are they avoiding the real issue here? Do they think we're idiots? How dare they not apologize and call the girls sl*ts? Go to hell!!

5. [+54, -9] This breaks my heart...... I think this is what you call true trash. I hope that the two sisters and their father rest in Heaven with only good memories... Rest in peace.


The Agora petition is here for those with Daum accounts. 


  1. Korea really needs to strengthing their legal system because people get away with too much shit and it's disgusting, people only start caring when it's too late for the victims. It's really sad.

  2. the father is dead too?
    in akp i only read about the sisters, can anyone tell me how the fater died?
    how can i sign the petition? it's all in korean

  3. humm the real Korea...

  4. ^ more like the real WORLD.

    corruption knows no bounds. corruption does not discriminate.

  5. Suicide after suicide in Korea make me realize how mystery and terrified world of Korean Entertainment...but I really think this not just happen in Korea

  6. @ Anon 11:33

    the entertainment world in Korea is almost like every other entertainment world in the world the only difference is that Asians tend to commit suicide easily in cases that others wouldn't think of suicide in the same situation.....

    1. "Asians tend to commit suicide easily"
      Correction, not Asians but Koreans. Their suicide rate is very high

  7. People with power abuse it
    people without power get abused

    this is the disgusting world we live in

  8. Korea laws need some serious updating.

  9. it just sad that only with suicide that they get attention of media and netizen..there must be more of people getting the same treatment as they are..Somebody need to do something