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Friday, September 7, 2012

2PM's Nichkhun volunteers at a disabled children's center

Article: [Exclusive] Nichkhun, privately volunteered for two weeks at a disabled children's facility

Source: Financial News via Nate

1. [+1,061, -365] I hope that you reflect well and return with a better image

2. [+1,028, -336] There are some people that don't even reflect and comeback right away so... ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+987, -319] Let's see you after you work hard on your volunteer work and reflect



  1. T-ara literally saved Nichkhun :O
    I don't like 2PM and I, obviously, don't condone what he did, but I'm glad Netizen are being less harsh with him, he's definitely not a bad guy.

  2. if 2pm ever released an album and got an award this year (or maybe nichkun) should say thanks to t-ara. seriously.

  3. JYP and Nickhun was probably having a party at their headquarter over the T-ara thing lol...
    They should consider sending T-ara some flowers for the distraction

  4. Nichkhun is such a good role model. He's kind-heart, humble, and devoted. He made mistake, but he never denied it. He actually accepted and tried hard to reflect and improve himself. I think he has done his best on this situation right now! Well done Nichkhun!!

  5. see... if you take sometimes for a hiatus and reflect, people will eventually forgive and still give their support but the other group did none of this...
    this is not just about it always good for oppars but not unnirs... it how controversy things being handled...
    JYP and CCM are very good with their media play but at least JYP handle things way way way way better and professional when it come to these kinds of things...
    there still good hope for Khun to restore his image back if he just give it time...

  6. I don't think t-ara saved khun from anything. People still remember what he did but he's handling it the proper way. He took full responsibility, settled with the guy he hit, and now he's spending his time doing charitable work.

  7. Wooow. Lucky Lucky. Nichkhun&JYP go thank Tara for bieng such a hot mess!!

  8. ^
    T-ara did.
    After the accident, people basically forgot about Nickhun and all the news was on T-ara bullying issues.
    People didn't forget about Nickhun but it was a huge diversion that let them settle the hit and run case quietly.

  9. ^ do you even understand the meaning of hit and run case?

  10. Why are people putting the little triangles to reply to other comments....? You guys know there's a "reply" button right? Looooool. Fail.

    1. Weird, I can reply on mobile but not on computer... So I guess the other computer users have the same problem too, not because they fail to see the reply button... ^^

  11. Tara issue just only steal netizen attention.

    On khun's accident, but khun really did great on his issue

    Don't run but accept all his action, Jyp+khun support victim on all fee, take time to present he is really sorry for his action.

    All of that thing show his sincere so everybody easy to forgive and support him :)

  12. people need to stop bringing t-ara up in relation to nichkhun. those are two different scandals/controversies all together. t-ara didn't "save" nichkhun/2pm from anything. it would be underestimating k-netizens if you think they'd forgive/forget nichkhun just because t-ara had a scandal right after his news came out.

  13. khun naturally a good guy..not only this..he did a lot of good deeds.. donate money for charity..and bought a lot of wristband to support bfriend stuff.. and distributed them to hottest..he want nothing for himself for his birthday..but..he only want.. a 'certificate' of donation for people in needs..made by his own fans for his birthday gift..and that what hottest gave to him for his birthday last June.khun always make his own move all the time..never need a 'special' event to show off..