T-ara's Hyomin found to have a past as impressive as Jiyeon's webcam

So netizens did some digging into Hyomin's past this weekend and found some interesting stuff. Hyomin was apparently involved with a social circle during her junior/high school career that was basically what'd you call 'iljins', or the school's group of delinquents.

Hyomin's name, ID, and e-mail was found on an iljin community board that organizes nationwide iljin meetings where delinquents will basically get together and party, drink, hold events, etc.

The activities involved in these "events" are just as bad as it sounds, as it'll usually start off with a sexy dance competition, then a kiss time where students grope and kiss each other as a competition, and finally 'xxx machine', where students are dared to strip down bare and act out the motions of doing it. Finally, the girls are auctioned off and dared to meet with older men, all for either a cash prize or a couple packs of cigarettes.

The event in question made it to the news at the time, where a couple students were interviewed on what actually went on. They revealed, "The events happen during summer or winter break, and are usually for the iljins to get to know each other better. The order of events is usually the sexy dance machine and then the xxx machine, but in order to qualify, you have to strip down bare. For just a prize of two cigarette packs, there are some girls that will even pretend to do it with other male students while they're naked."

Where is Hyomin in all of this?

The event releases a list of the names attending, and Hyomin's name, picture, and junior high school is listed.

Netizens went further and digged into the old fancafe where Hyomin's profile was listed and found several posts made by her. To further confirm that it was her, they tried to send a message to see what e-mail the message would be sent to.

Lo and behold, the e-mail the message was directed to was b89530@hanmail.net, the same ID as her current Twitter handle.

Proof shots of the summary above attached below:

Source: Nate Pann + more proof shots by other netizens here

New member Ahreum's past is up too, but I figured who gives a crap about her now that T-ara's over so I didn't translate it.. Anyone interested?