Hyein reveals Min Hee Jin prefers to style them in wigs to prevent unnecessary hair damage

Article: Why the New Jeans members wear wigs instead of bleaching their hair

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+701] They all look so good with their different colored hair... Min Hee Jin's the god for making sure to take care of their hair like that

[+607] Min Hee Jin is writing the new playbook for the entertainment industry

[+331] Min Hee Jin's seriously the best γ…œ

[+275] Hee Jin the God 

[+128] Idols all end up having to wear wigs in the end anyway because of how badly they ruin their hair by bleaching it all the time, it's much better to just save the hair and wear wigs from the start

[+99] Idols seem to wear a lot of hats lately anyway, just put a full wig on and save the hair

[+47] Their stylist is also really good at styling their wigs, I can usually never tell that they're wearing one

[+30] Min mom is so sweet

[+48] That's such a good idea 😍

[+7] Agencies should take note and follow these things tooπŸ‘

[+1] I'm more surprised that they're wigs... I thought it was real