Twice's Chaeyoung and Jun Somi post and delete photobooth photo

Article: Twice's Chaeyoung, Jun Somi post and delete photo booth picture showing bra

Source: Insight + Insight + Insight via Instagram + Nate

[+603] Seeing as how they deleted it right away, I think they knew they'd get in trouble... wish the media would lay off at this times like this

[+589] Didn't even know this happened until the news posted about it

[+539] Why behave like this in a photobooth..? I remember reading in the news that someone went into a booth without knowing someone was in there and that person was naked taking photos. Got the police and lawsuits involved and everything.

[+317] Jeez, all this hate over some bras... Of a foreign artist had taken pictures like this, no one would've blinked an eye. It's a normal fashion look to just throw a jacket over a bra even, I don't get why this is news.

[+306] Something about their mental state seems off...

[+249] Jun Somi's weird...

[+240] And?

[+160] Just a joke between friends, why is it in the news... it's not like they're bare, it's obvious they were messing around and lifted up their shirts to have some fun ㅋㅋ look at their facial expressions, they look cute 😂

[+114] Korea still has a long way to go judging by how everyone's going crazy over this still

[+106] Photobooth owners are always telling people to not do this kind of stuff inside... do they really think this is so cool and kitschy of them to do?

[+66] What's surprising anymore when Kanye's wife is out there practically naked

[+40, -5] Why does Chaeyoung always get herself into these ㅋㅋㅋ she should be so grateful that she was able to debut at all and is making the kind of money she is

[+25] Aren't they scared of CCTV having recorded all of that? Especially as idols

[+16, -5] Honestly, I can understand vibe-wise taking pictures like this when you're with close friends. It's just that these two are public figures that people will have an opinion on. But you have to wonder what they were thinking by posting that at all. They had to know people were going to say things.

[+10] But like.. why ㅋㅋ are they going through puberty? ㅋ 😂

[+7] Aren't these saved in the machines? Looks like Twice fans all over the world will have to make a trip to check the photos ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anyway, it's crazy how Somi has no charm, even when she's exposing herself like that