Song Ha Yoon reps confirm school transfer record, continue to deny bullying accusations

Article: Song Ha Yoon reps, "It's true that she was transferred out of high school but.. the bullying rumors are not true, and legal action will be taken"

Source: Everyday Economy via Nate

[+2,006, -14] Getting transferred out because of bullying is... crazy.. anyone who's been in school will know what that means. A forced transfer is basically the same thing as expulsion, and this was 20 years ago back when even the most hardest of iljins were kept in the school because teachers would rather beat them into submission than let them get expelled. A forced transfer back when forced transfers weren't even common is just... well, nothing more needs to be said ㅠ

[+753, -9] Beating someone for over an hour and a half... not only is that something unforgettable to the victim, but I reckon for the person committing that crime too. And beign forced to transfer three times... how can you commit one of the worst forms of school violence possible and claim you don't remember? Please just admit to your wrongs now and stay off of TV for the rest of your life.

[+556, -4] Wow, a moment's downfall... This is our new world, where your past can be brought up in an instant. A reminder for all of us to live kind lives... you never know what may come back to bite you...

[+410, -10] As always with these cases, the victim remembers these pains to the grave while the bully claims to have forgotten it all

[+403, -12] Surely this will all be resolved if the reasons for her transfer are made public?

[+304, -0] She's an '86er which makes her around my age... a transfer in our time back then;;;; she was pretty bad. Even if you beat a fellow student to the point where they broke a bone, schools would rather put you under probation than forced transfer...s he had to have done something super cruel to get a transfer on her record. Anyone in their 40s now will know what I'm talking about. Fights happened often so it wasn't a big deal so for a transfer to have happened out of school bullying means she had to have been a part of some group effort that bullied someone right to the brink of death. I hope it's not true, but if it is, she's the devil.

[+103, -1] Song Ha Yoon's an '86er... a forced transfer back in our generation, well... I don't think we need to say anything because we all know what it was like back then...

[+79, -1] Bullies need to die, man. That trauma stays with you for life.

[+74, -2] She transferred to a school in the same district as her other school so moving wouldn't have been the case here, which makes you wonder what the reason for the transfer was, hmm? 

[+59, -0] Seems the new standard that bullies are no longer welcomed in the entertainment or public service fields

[+52, -1] So why'd you transfer? For no reason? ㅋㅋㅋ