Actress Song Ha Yoon accused of being high school iljin 20 years ago

Article: "Please clarify your school bullying rumors" Song Ha Yoon's Instagram situation... spotlighted as 'actress S' in bullying scandal

Source: Top Star News via Nate

[+83, -2] Perhaps that was why she wasn't in anything after 'Fight For My Way'! She was scared of the rumors getting out.. well, looks like her last drama has finally outed her for good ㅎ

[+43, -1] Answer us, you b*tch

[+35, -1] She's so two-faced ㅋ

[+2, -3] These rumors always come out once a star hits a certain level of fame... no one said a thing when she was playing supporting characters, only now that she's a lead...

[+2, -0] Schools need to start including in textbooks that if you play iljin in school, you're going to lose any jackpots you win in life because it'll always come back to haunt you

[+2, -0] It hurts more the higher you fall from

[+2, -0] Never trust any celebrity


Article: "I was slapped for 90 minutes" Actress S who got famous off of evil character, exposed for being school bully

Source: Nate

[+99, -1] I remember posts about her being made in women's communities a long time ago... a classmate said she had to transfer out because she bullied her so hard ㅠ

[+72, -0] And she still had the audacity to cry tears on 'Knowing Bros' like that?

[+50, -0] Sigh, we're going to find out anyway, just drop the name of who it is ㅡㅡ

[+49, -0] I went to the same school as her in Bucheon (I'm scared so I won't say more) but I was hoping she had changed after seeing her on 'Knowing Bros' considering how long it's been...

[+45, -0] The actress with the "wa-ssi"?? hul

[+14, -0] I don't know, I had an odd feeling about her...

[+6, -9] What a shame, especially now that she's gaining fame

[+4, -0] Aigoo...

[+1, -0] You can find the unblurred pictures on Google, it's Song Ha Yoon-ssi!

[+1, -0] Wa-ssi~~ no wonder her anger acting was so natural....