Hyeri keeps it moving business as usual

Article: Hyeri, 'bright smile' even amidst Han So Hee's callout... positive updates

Source: TV Report via Nate

[+729, -74] Hyeri-ya, don't worry about any of this and just enjoy your life. We all understand your perspective. You had every right to find the situation "fun." You dated him for 8 years, he promised to keep the conversation open, only to end up with someone else 3-4 months later, on vacation of all things. Of course it's fun to you. It's fun to us! Don't let this get you down and surround yourself with good people. 

[+297, -22] Just ignore her... fighting fire with fire will make you no different from her. Good on you for breaking up, because the new couple seems perfect for each other. Hyeri-ssi, we support you.

[+211, -29] Ignore her! Hyeri, fighting!

[+29, -6] Hyeri's doing everything right! She's the winner in the end~

[+27, -4] So Hee-ya, the more you act up like this, the more support Hyeri will end up getting. You're doing this all to yourself...

[+27, -6] No point in answering someone who's not in the right state of mind ㅋㅋㅋ Hyeri has no reason to answer to her period.

[+27, -7] Hyeri-ya, good on breaking up~ there are better people in the world. Just keep living your life confidently as you are.

[+24, -5] Hyeri-ya, pursue everything you want~~~

[+22, -6] I still don't get why Han So Hee thinks Hyeri's "fun" is any of her business at all ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+15, -5] Hyeri has handled this in a mature manager. It's actually made her so much more likeable.

[+14, -3] Hyeri-ssi, just laugh it off. We know you'll make the best choices for yourself but there's seriously no reason for you to respond at all. Just keep going, bright and happy as you are now~ there are so many people supporting you~~

[+8, -2] If anything, I think Han So Hee's behavior has made it easier for Hyeri to be able to move on for good now. Thank goodness.