Lee Sun Kyun found dead

Article: Lee Sun Gyun found dead, police investigating scene... Jun Hye Jin was the first police report after discovering letter

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+211, -77] His death is on the police's hands. They could've kept his entire investigation process a secret but they leaked every detail about both his and G-Dragon's investigations in real time

[+85, -4] Should've kept going for Jun Hye Jin's sake..

[+72, -47] Why are people so sympathetic to him? If a married female celebrity had been caught going in and out a host bar like this, she would've been exiled from the entire country;

[+5 -0] Why would you die? You should've kept going for the sake of your family. Now what is your family to do without you?

[+5, -0] Why die if you're innocent?


Source: Nate

[+250, -7] This is so shocking ㅜㅜ

[+174, -21] No matter how humiliated he felt.. this is so irresponsible of him

[+128, -15] Joo Ji Hoon and Ha Jung Woo are living just fine, why would you die over this? All you needed to do was lay low and come back when the time was right.. ㅠㅠ

[+127, -8] Should've stayed alive for the sake of your family, what could've been so humiliating that it was worth taking your own life over? So irresponsible.

[+22, -0] Even if his career as a celebrity was over, he still should've upheld his responsibility as a father... how can you leave your family like this?

[+19, -1] The most shocking scandal of the year... yes... we were all shocked over the drugs and the affair... but this was nothing to commit s*icide over...


Source: Nate

[+152, -15] Selfish until the end... Should've stayed alive and spent his life begging for forgiveness to his kids and family.. how could you be so irresponsible to just leave like this?

[+55, -7] So irresponsible....

[+44, -11] So sad

[+28, -15] There was no evidence in the first place, I guess he couldn't stand the police using him for their media play

[+27, -22] I feel so bad for Han Hye Jin and their kids...

[+10, -2] What is life... may he rest in peace...


Source: Nate

[+112, -3] How is his family supposed to live on now... why would you choose such a thing...

[+40, -3] Why?? This is so irresponsible!!! You needed to stay alive and repent!! Someone please say all of this is a lie!

[+19, -8] Sigh.. at least on his way to the after life, may he leave peacefully

[+8, -3] And another person is killed

[+5, -5] I don't know that I would've found another solution than this... even staying alive would barely be considered "living"...

[+4, -4] This is more disappointing... and so irresponsible. What did your wife and kids do to deserve this?


Source: Nate

[+131, -14] Joo Ji Hoon and Ha Jung Woo are doing just fine, why would you do this

[+74, -6] This was not something worth dying over, why would you do this?

[+32, -5] I pray this is a misreport... sigh...

[+19, -0] The affair was a bigger shock than the drugs, yes...

[+5, -0] There's just never a good end to anything involving drugs and gambling


Source: Naver

[+962, -46] Don't die... this isn't something worth dying over!! Get up!!

[+778, -127] It's not like he committed murder... yes, what he did may get criticized by society and some hate, too... but... the blood is on the media's hands. All those articles detailing his scandal. All he needed to do was take time off, reflect, and dedicate his life to his family.. why was it ever necessary to take things this far... ㅜㅜ

[+526, -24] Aigoo, you fool... all you had to do was take the punishment and come back later to recover your career... You all know we were hoping you'd overcome this. What a waste of a precious life...

[+256, -9] You fool, this was never worth taking your life over

[+110, -2] He's had a positive image all his career, and to watch that all crumble over night with a drug scandal... he probably couldn't handle it. But.. still;;; this isn't it... his kids are still so young. I don't think he could bear the humiliation of so much of the details of his calls with the madame being released like this....

[+103, -6] He needed to be a bit more shameless... it's always the kind-hearted who aren't able to withstand the pressures of their own crime, while the evil have no problem living on and moving forward after committing the same crimes.

[+73, -1] It has probably been hard for him... with no one believing him. The feelings of remorse towards his family. Probably thought it was better with him out of the picture. But this all could've passed. What a shame. May he rest in peace.

[+72, -0] Even Seungri is alive and doing fine... why would you do this...

[+80, -13] Even Yoo Ah In is alive

[+55, -0] It may be easy to think that this isn't worth dying over for us but when you think about it, it was probably the most pain he's ever had to endure in his life. It's not fair to judge the weight of someone else's pain without being in their shoes.

[+46, -1] Sigh... all he had to do was hold on for just a bit longer for the sake of his family... how unfortunate


Source: Insight via Instagram

[+2,314] I'm having a hard time agreeing with the comments who are supporting him right now;; he committed a crime and yes, all of this may have wanted him to want to die, but I'm sure those feelings are much more stronger in his wife and children;;; just dying like this is an even bigger crime than what he's done

[+1,267] So unfortunate... I listened to the recording between him and the madame and he was in the wrong to be going to those places as a married man but you could tell from the madame's way of talking that she was just yapping on and on to try and rip money off of him.. I feel so bad for his remaining wife and children.

[+1,350] Why would you do this... so many worse people are living their lives shamelessly

[+1,868] May he rest in peace... one of my favorite actors... ㅠㅠ

[+1,129] Why would you ever kill yourself... so many more irresponsible people are living just fine without any guilt... your poor family ㅜㅜ


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+783] It's because the media kept leaking stuff that had nothing to do with his drug investigation, like the recorded conversations... he couldn't stand it... the media killed him

[+187] This was never something worth killing yourself. After listening to the recording, it sounded like he had a kind heart... kind but weak

[+427] Lee Sun Kyun aside, I hope that madame is never forgiven. May he rest in peace.

[+277] He needed to have held on like his life depended on it for the sake of his wife and his kids. How can he be so selfish until the end...

[+263] So why would you do something that you wouldn't be able to bear the consequences of... so unfortunate