Insiders say Jennie and V have ended their relationship

Article: Quiet all through the dating rumors... BTS V and Jennie break up ahead of his enlistment, what happened?

Source: Economy via Naver

[+206, -13] So what

[+150, -1] Man, so what if a young man and woman dated and break up, why are we demanding statements for every little thing

[+120, -19] How is the man prettier... OMG

[+140, -57] Jennie sure gets through a lot of men..

[+35, -0] Is Jennie the animal kingdom now?

[+20, -0] Looks-wise, the man looks like he could do better

[+5, -0] Not sure if all the rumors are true or not but Jennie sure seems to have gone through a lot of men considering her age and job


Source: Nate

[+84, -3] ㅋㅋㅋ I thought they weren't even dating, when'd they break up now?

[+60, -6] Who would believe this ㅋㅋㅋ especially concurrent with news of contract renewals 

[+48, -12] Wow, YG's playing so sly... immediately announcing the breakup as soon as Jennie signed the contract. Why would anyone believe YG now? And using Taehyung's enlistment to make it sound more believable ㅋㅋㅋㅋ just leave them alone, whether they're dating or not

[+38, -4] Maybe that's why she was posting photos with another dude

[+21, -3] They were dating?

[+4, -0] I wonder which company has more to gain by announcing news of a breakup when there was never official news that they were dating in the first place?

[+4, -0] YG is so terrible. Please stop trying to tie Black Pink and BTS together. There was never official news of them even dating, so who are these so-called "industry insiders" who are leaking a breakup?


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+115] If they broke up, they broke up, why make up assumptions like "ahead of enlistment" ㅋㅋ maybe they broke up a while ago and news is only getting out now? Maybe the breakup was for a completely different reason? We don't know that, which is why we shouldn't assume they broke up just because he's enlisting.

[+91] It's so funny how these two have never given an official statement but the media has already gone through dating to break up

[+159] I hope that their relationship was a positive memory for the both of them

[+145] Live life like Jennie

[+20] Dating briefly and breaking up is fine~ nothing wrong with it

[+12] Man, look at the media messing with Jennie again at news of her contract renewal, leave her alone

[+23] They matched so well..

[+3] Eh, I kept thinking it wasn't normal to post such photos with a male friend when you have a boyfriend already...

[+6] Hul... 😢

[+7] They looked good together 😢 They're strangers now but I wish them both the best

[+21] I think just the fact that they were dating each other during the hottest, most beautiful years of their lives will be impactful already. Breakups are a natural course of dating, and I know that a lot of people are sad to see such a well-matched couple break up. It feels like watching the end of a drama you really loved ㅋㅋ