How much can good looks make up for in acting?

 Article: Cha Eunwoo, Song Kang, handsome faces but acting skills are 'hmmm'... watching for the visuals? That's not a compliment

Source: Mydaily via Nate

[+149, -22] I can't help but laugh when I go from watching the likes of Nam Goong Min and Lee Byung Hun to these kidsㅜㅋㅋㅋ

[+92, -56] I'm sure they'll improve. It's not like Kang Dong Won was known for his acting right from the start. I'd rather a handsome face like Cha Eunwoo or Song Kang take the role than some ugly actor trying to play the role of a character that's meant to be handsome.

[+78, -7] The problem is that producers cast these actors based on their faces and not their acting skills because they think it'll help with viewer ratings. And the more they get these roles, the more "experience" they're building and getting more roles for it, but their acting isn't improving. 

[+72, -11] It's because there are people like me who will watch a drama even when I usually don't just to enjoy their visuals ㅎㅎ

[+59, -54] I think it's funny that people think Lee Byung Hun and Nam Goong Min were talented from the start. It's all about building that experience...

- [+18, -5] That's not a good excuse. Nam Goong Min was so good that he was landing lead roles as a rookie. It's better for fangirls like you to just admit that yeah they're bad right now but they'll get better in the future. Making excuses for them will just make you sound like a dumb fangirl.

- [+8] I don't think these two would be getting so much hate if they started off on the level of Im Siwan or Lee Junho and kept building from there but their exceptional looks just kept landing them lead roles off the bat ㅋ

- [+6, -2] I remember reading articles about Lee Byung Hun and Lee Young Ae sucking at acting back then too

[+17, -3] I don't know about Song Kang but Cha Eunwoo... it's not enough to just call him bad at acting, he's just a complete rock.

[+11, -3] I've always heard bad things about Cha Eunwoo's acting so I never bothered with his dramas.. but Song Kang, I randomly landed on his show, and changed the channel in shock...

[+9, -1] I've been enjoying 'My Demon'... and yes, Song Kang is really handsome but his acting can use some work ㅠ I like him but facts are facts

[+6, -2] Song Kang's face and proportions ㅜㅜ my only joy in life is seeing his face in 'Sweet Home 2' lately. Song Kang fighting~~~

[+5, -1] Song Kang's just too handsome

[+5, -1] I mean, Song Kang isn't so bad... I'd rather him than some ugly actor trying to act like he's hot when he's not

[+4, -0] I haven't seen a Cha Eunwoo drama yet but I've seen 'My Demon' and Song Kang's pretty good in it ㅋㅋㅋ

[+4, -1] They're eye candy after seeing ugly ajusshis on screen all the time

[+3, -0] Out of all the actors their age, I personally think Lee Do Hyun beats them all. Acting skills, choice of dramas, he's exceptional..

[+2, -0] I just think there are way too many low quality webtoons being turned into dramas. They usually always cast idols without any skills as the leads in all these cringy plots...