Seo Yeji's company to pay back CF companies over her gaslighting scandal

Article: 'Gaslighting controversy' Seo Yeji reps return 225 million won to CF companies

Source: TV Report via Nate

[+221, -1] Shameless, she should be paying back the entire 450 million won

[+102, -1] What an easy life. What exactly does she do that warrants being paid 450 million won as a model anyway?

[+51, -0] Male celebrities, you all better watch out for her

[+33, -0] And we all know she'll be right back on our screens! They know better than anyone that there's no other job that can make you so much money so easily

[+28, -0] Is she still active? 

- She did do one drama after her scandal called 'Eve'

[+6, -0] She should never be allowed to act again

[+4, -0] I can't stand her

[+3, -0] All that school bullying controversy, gaslighting scandal, can't stand her 🤬😤😡😠

[+2, -0] Wow, didn't know she was paid that well ㅋㅋ such easy money for celebrities... 

[+1, -0] She made the word 'gaslighting' a trend thanks to her scandal ㅎㅎㅎ