BoA to make small screen return after 7 years with a webtoon drama

Article: BoA to make acting return after 7 years with new drama 'Marry My Husband'

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+275] Don't..

[+113] I really enjoyed this webtoon.. and I don't think casting BoA is the right choice..

[+32] Not a match. I read the webtoon and the female lead is supposed to be tall... which is not BoA

[+28] Which character would she be cast as?

- [+10] I checked the cast list and the role for the male lead's little sister is still empty so I'm assuming she's going to be cast as that

[+22] BoA's a good actor, what's the deal!!!

[+11] BoA and Hyori must never get into acting, and this is coming from a fan of both who has all their albums 😂

[+6] I'm tired of these webtoon to drama remakes

[+8] There's no other actress for this? Hul

[+5] BoA's good, though ㅠ

[+2] No!