Webtoon 'Get Schooled' apologizes for racist content + discontinues service in NA

 Article: "We didn't know it was racism... we will educate ourselves" Naver webtoon 'Get Schooled' apologizes + halts service in NA

Source: Women's News via Naver

[+113, -10] I know it's easy for our people to fall for the false belief that racism does not exist in our country because we're so homogenous, but that doesn't mean racism does not exist. For example, when my kid aws in elementary school, he had a Black native English teacher, and when kids asked him if he was from Africa, he refused to teach and left. I'm sure the kids didn't know any better but I'm sure it was really offensive to that American teacher... All of this is a result of our ignorance, but that doesn't mean ignorance is always forgivable...

[+108, -24] This is the same manhwa where a female teacher was 'schooled' for teaching gender equality. I wonder why there's no apology for that?

[+92, -41] Our country is probably one of the few in the world where men are able to just throw out their disgusting ideologies in forms of media like this

[+30, -4] 'Get Schooled' got schooled

[+31, -10] I never read this manhwa so I don't know the details but from just reading the article, I can tell that the artist is quite extreme on the spectrum. Where is his basis for the idea that bullying in schools are getting worse because there's not enough punishment? Back when punishment was more severe, school bullying was actually even worse. Rebellious students that were beat by teachers as punishment then went and took it out on weaker classmates. 

[+7, -2] I knew this manhwa was going to be a problem when incels started supporting it. Now it's suffering its downfall on an international stage...

[+3, -0] I studied abroad for a few years and have come to realize a few things now that I'm back home in our country. Koreans definitely operate under the belief that being such a homogeneous country is a good thing and that it allows us to be racist towards other ethnicities and judge others for the color of their skin. Our makeup foundations are only ever released in light 21, 23 colors, to the point where our own people are forced to buy makeup overseas beacuse they can't find a darker color match domestically. 

[+2, -1] The barrier for entry into the webtoon world in our country is so low that our webtoon industry keeps running into these scandals overseas. I bet this manhwa would've never had to cancel service if the manhwa was only being shown in Korea because no one would've cared.