ITZY's Lisa to halt promos to treat extreme anxiety and recover health

Article: ITZY Lia announces halt in activities

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+42] So where'd all those many haters go... All those people gathered on posts to hate on Lia without even knowing anything about a group named ITZY. Are you happy now that she's halting promos? Don't you see how she's hurting now because of your hateful words? If this is what you wanted, then you're a psychopath. Don't act like you're all remorseful and shocked when something more horrible has to happen. Start with your own behavior by not leaving hate comments.

[+41] People are so cruel... She's halting promos because she's sick, and yet look at the hate comments still...

[+26] My heart breaks.. I hope she takes a deep rest and only looks at things that make her happy. All the mentally ill haters need to go die. 

[+21] She was already hurting and yet haters were still hounding her for her "weird dancing" and this and that..
- [+2] Why is criticizing her dancing considered a hate comment? Judging someone's singing or dancing ability is a criticism, not a hate comment

[+17] Yup, all haters need to die ㅗㅗ🔥

[+14] Lia-ya, take care of yourself ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ let's see you again when you're healthy, we love you ❤️❤️

[+8] Rest up, recover, and let's see you again Lia 💚💚💚

[+3] Some people like her just weren't meant to be celebrities. She's forcing herself into something that she isn't meant for and she's falling sick because of it.

[+2] What happened with the school bullying stuff?
- [+58] It was all a lie, totally made up