Six Koreans arrested in Georgia for suspicion of cult related torture and murder

 Article: Murdered body found in trunk in front of Atlanta sauna, six Korean Americans arrested as suspects

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+1,567] I wish our country would just release mug shots like this

[+403] I hope that this case doesn't spread into hate against all gyopo Koreans there, I'm worried for them

[+388] They're American citizens~~~~~
- [+8] Investigations have already revealed that the six are all Korean nationals. The consulate is trying to get in contact with the victim's family in Korea and will be complying with all of their funeral requests as soon as that's done.

[+179] Our country needs to start releasing the mug shots and names of criminals like this too!

[+485] Embarrassing to me... that those people are Korean at all

[+93] It happened in Gwinnett County, it's a very nice place with a lot of Koreans ㅜㅜ I can't believe cults are getting this bad everywhere. This is why even Koreans try to avoid fellow Koreans while traveling overseas. 

[+72] Yeah, this is just going to cause more people to have prejudices against Asians.. tsk

[+46] Why are their names spelled like that...

[+122] Utter embarrassment to our country

[+56] I'm glad they were all arrested in America. At least they'll be prosecuted normally there. If they had been in Korea, they'd probably be set free after a few years.

[+77] Wow, cults are just...

[+11] How are five of the six culprits Lee's?
- [+4] Well, three of them are brothers...

[+8] Cults seriously piss me off 🔥🔥🔥