African Russian teen model Shawn Poroshin finds happiness in move to South Korea

Article: Russian mother and Black son ecapes racism in Russia to a 'miracle' in Korea

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+1,364] I hope that people like him can continue to build a happy life in Korea and set a good example for everyone else...

[+1,014] He has such a pretty yet cool face

[+467] I hope Shawn continues to be happy here just like now~~~

[+438] There's no one above or below human decency! Let's please just all let everyone live with happiness.

[+311] Aigoo... seeing the picture of him wounded rips at my heart 😢 Hoping nothing but happiness for him here in Korea

[+273] That's quite the handsome son she's got there

[+107] We think it's so obvious that no one should have to suffer any form of racism, but for some people, it's a "miracle" to experience what we take for granted. The reality of that breaks my heart ㅜㅜ

[+64] He is so damn handsome

[+34] Aigoo, what a pretty face.. I wish him more happiness!

[+23] Wow, he's so charming and handsome.. I wish him happiness ♥️🙏

[+21] Wait, but.. he's so handsome.. and has amazing proportions. I wonder if he was bullied because they were jealous of his good looks.

[+18] Not sure why his mother chose Korea out of all countries if she wanted to escape racism. Should've gone to the US. If anything, I'd say that racism is even worse in Korea.
- [+47] But the thing is, Koreans are more discriminatory about looks than they are about race, so with a face like his, I doubt he'd suffer from any racism here. I'm not saying that there's no racism here -- I agree, it's really bad here -- but good looks can go a longer way here. 


Source: Naver

[+408, -3] I wish them nothing but the best~

[+82, -4] What does skin color matter... we're all human in the end

[+75, -1] I wish you a happy life with your son~ we support you~

[+45, -0] Aigoo, I watched their episode... Back in Russia, her kid would get physically assaulted, and people even set fire to their home. How scary that must've been... His mother is an amazing person for giving everything up to make sure her kid is safe, all the way here in Korea... I wish them nothing but the best. We welcome you.

[+45, -1] I wish them a happy life here...

[+16, -0] It couldn't have been easy to give up your home of 30 years to move here, so I'm glad to see that they are happy here. I hope that they continue to experience happiness without any discrimination. 

[+13, -0] I have heard that racism is pretty severe in Russia. It may be less so here but Korea is still pretty racist as well. I hope that they aren't further hurt by such things and are able to live a happy life here.

[+6, -0] Korea is no easy place to live, but I support them and I wish them strength. Her son is beautiful.

[+5, -0] I cried when I saw the pictures of how people had hurt her son ㅜㅠ I wish them happiness here in Korea