[Updated] Lisa's every word dissected by fans as contract renewals linger in the air

Article: Black Pink Lisa, "Thank you for helping my twenties shine bright" a farewell message? YG stock prices drop

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+31, -4] Prices only dropped 1.64% and yet the media is really trying to act like Lisa's contract renewal has anything to do with it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ all four of the entertainment companies have seen similar drops because of the US market this week. 

[+23, -0] Members of groups only shine bright when they're together, yet when they're alone...?

[+19, -0] She's mediocre without Black Pink... I think someone's gassing her up too hard

[+10, -2] You worked hard, live your life happily now

[+8, -0] YG has no other group that is making them this amount of money so they're in a position where they have to lock down BP but even renewing contracts is an issue for them because they're going to have to invest a ton of money into locking them down. They also run the risk of renewing not being very profitable for them in the end because the members are at an age now where idols normally start pursuing solos or acting so it's not like YG can keep forcing them to grind out BP concerts all the time. YG's basically in a position where they have to throw down a ton of money on the table without the perk of getting to work them like dogs because the girls have too much experience to put up with that anymore.

[+8, -3] It sounds like she wants to go independent now, and she's done as much as she's needed to for the group

[+3, -0] All Baby Monster is one good song for them to hit it big. Their skills seem 2-3 times more talented than Black Pink.

[+2, -0] If you're going to leave, please just announce it already instead of putting your fans' emotions through the wringer like this

[+2, -0] How comparable to Twice... both groups are up in there in age but Twice is still making good money. 

[+2, -0] Sounds like YG's just going to go all in on Baby Monster then


Source: Naver

[+3,726, -522] She's only as famous as she is now because of YG... if she leaves Black Pink, she's just a dancing Thai girl.. ㅎㅎ

[+1,427, -208] This is my first time ever leaving a comment because I'm seeing a lot of ridiculousness here... I'm someone who doesn't even know what Black Pink's fanclub name is but why do any of you feel the reason to try to put down someone else's achievements like this...? Just how amazing are your own achievements that you think you can speak on another's achievements like this...? Please point that finger at yourself before you point it at others

[+1,165, -167] Please stop bringing in trainees from China and South East Asia. This isn't the first time they've backstabbed us.

[+817, -71] Lisa-ya, you worked hard having to hard carry Black Pink. I wish you the best wherever you go.

[+207, -20] She's worked hard for that money, it's time to enjoy it!

[+151, -2] She's made all that she needs, all the fame, has a chaebol boyfriend.. I'm sure she wants to rest now.. life is short, after all

[+136, -21] Lisa is nothing on her own. She must think she can make it without Black Pink but she's a normal civilian without them.

[+99, -2] Whether she renews or not is up to her so there's no criticism to be lodged there. I'm sure it's been stressful for her to have to live away from her home country for so long... Anyway, I'm tired of Korean companies adding foreign members all the time to our groups. K-Pop was just as famous before we had al lthese foreign members.

[+98, -6] I'm sure she'll do fine the first couple of years but she's going to be forgotten after that...

[+82, -2] She fulfilled her contract and worked hard... I just hope she doesn't end up signing with a Chinese agency after this. Her image will tank for sure then.

[+73, -2] Just look at what happened to 2NE1... there's nothing after your group is done.

[+64, -1] I wouldn't mind becoming Louis Vuitton's fourth daughter-in-law~