Netizens marvel at elementary school students studying on a 'med school track'

Article: The difficulty level of problems being solved by elementary school students on the 'med school track'

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+67] I'm a med school grad myself and don't understand the problem either

[+21] At that age, the most you should expect from them is to use the paper to blow their noses with

[+9] Wow... if you're already that smart at that age, I've heard of kids basically losing interest in their regular school classes and just listening to advanced lectures on their iPads during class... I don't even understand where you would find a med school track for elementary school students? Certainly not at a normal school, maybe an international school? What a different world they're living in compared to my own elementary kid ㅠ

[+9] There needs to be a law passed where you're not allowed to prepare for entrance exams longer than three years in advance. This is not normal 🔥

[+4] This is way too much prep work in advance......

[+3] What do problems like this even matter in the big picture of getting into med school or becoming a doctor... 

[+3] This is child abuse

[+2] Can kids like this ever be happy? It's obvious that it's their parents who are forcing them to become doctors... I would love to see their parents try to solve this problem first

[+2] I'm just really curious as to whether this child is learning this because they want to! Or because their parents want them to....

[+2] It took me 10 minutes just to read the problem

[+1] And no one in the comments has found the answer still

[+1] I'm more amazed that anyone is able to solve this at all

[+1] This is impressive and all but I think it's more important that they're outside and running around at that age than solving these problems