Lee Do Hyun shares his strong love for his family

Article: Lee Do Hyun, "My dongsaeng who has a developmental disability helped me feel more grounded in my work... I always hang out with him after filming"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+373] Not only is he handsome but he has a kind heart as well. He really has it all.

2. [+168] I wish him even more success!!!!!

3. [+59] This warms my heart ❤️

4. [+36] I like him so much 😍

5. [+31] The type of kind hyung who can't help but be successful in life with a heart like that

6. [+15] He is just a bit different from others, that's all. We can all be a source of strength to people like his dongsaeng as long as we're more considerate of others. I have a friend of 35 years who has a physical disability, and he's differently abled from me, that's all. 

7. [+9] I totally became a fan after watching him on 'Yoo Quiz' yesterday, I support him

8. [+3] He's the best

9. [+1] ㅜㅜㅜ Handsome, pure heart... he'll be even more successful from here on out

10. [+4] I already became a fan after 'Hotel del Luna', I wish him the best


Article: "My mother's wrinkles have relaxed" Lee Do Hyun reveals he paid off family debt after debut, bought them a new house

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+177] Wow, congratulations! We hope you continue to grow as an amazing actor.

2. [+164] Something about hearing of another family's mother relaxing her wrinkles fills my own heart! 😍

3. [+286] What a great young man... I hope that he continues to be this kind and successful

4. [+4] Makes me happy to hear that my mother-in-law is happy

5. [+55] "My goal is to be the only one who has to work in my family"... Such a dependable young man, he has nothing but success ahead of him... 👏

6. [+1] When he said he wants to be the only one who has to work in his family... he has such deep thoughts.

7. [+4] As a mother to a son myself ㅜㅜ I feel so proud of him~ I hope he remembers to take care of himself as well. I'm sure his parents want nothing more than his son's happiness... ^^

8. [+23] Such a great person... I hope that he continues to be happy

9. [+19] I can't imagine how happy his mother must be

10. [+1] Please cast him lots 👏 I wish him much success 😭