Jaejoong admits having 8 nunas makes his marriage prospects difficult

Article: "I'd automatically be rejected from marriage brokers" Why Kim Jaejoong can't get married despite visuals + wealth

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+151] I thought he was an only child but he has nunas... and eight of them at that...

2. [+96] Only writing this here because people don't seem to know... but Jaejoong was adopted into a family with eight daughters. His bio parents had a failed business that couldn't support their kids anymore so they sent him to be adopted by another family. I've heard that his adoptive parents are great people. His bio mother, however, later came forward once Jaejoong became famous to try and sell his name for money, and he had to cut ties with her. It used to be a famous story back then, heh.

3. [+32] He was adopted by really great people. Unfortunately, his bio mother tried to come back in his life after he became famous, and he attempted to maintain a relationship with her since she is his bio mother after all, but she kept using his name to run scams so he had to cut her off.

4. [+25] I don't know who's more amazing in this story... his father or his father.. to raise a total of nine children...

5. [+3] So what if he has a lot of nunas, it doesn't matter to me ㅎ

6. [+3] I've met his nunas before. They all have great personalities and are extremely outgoing. 

7. [+5] Ah, eight nunas is a bit much

8. [+8] Eight nunas is scary

9. [+35] I struggle with dealing with even one sister-in-law... I can't imagine eigh~

10. [+1] Having eight nunas will definitely bar you from getting married... no wife is going to put up with that...;;;