The 'live singing' K-Pop performances on YouTube aren't actually "live"

Video: The shocking secret behind why you shouldn't trust those live singing videos on YouTube

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

1. [+185] Honestly, STAYC and NMIXX have the best live skills out of the fourth-generation girl groups and it upsets me that they're called flops ㅠㅠ Despite how obsessed everyone seems to have become with live singing talent, no one seems to actually stan the groups with those talents ㅠㅠ Jjang STAYC, Jjang MIXX, fighting!!

2. [+79] One of the reasons why I've only been a fan of Mamamoo for 10 years. They've never had one controversy over their skills. Their digital songs are great but their lives are even better.

3. [+40] Honestly, the top skills out of the fourth-generation girl groups are NMIXX and STAYC. 

4. [+37] Out of the fourth-generation girl groups, NMIXX and STAYC have the best encores. Everyone already knows NMIXX is good but you can really tell that STAYC is serious with the way they changed their headphones to mics. ITZY's also pretty legendary when you watch their live during choreography videos. It's just these three out of the fourth generation, really.

5. [+35] I miss the old idols. I don't mind that they post-edit the stages but none of the groups seem to care about improving their live singing anymore;;

6. [+31] iKON was pretty well known for their lives, I wish they'd come back..

7. [+46] Impossible to hear any real live singing anymore these days

8. [+10] It's a scam to label these videos as 'LIVE' when they're just... edited clips. You can edit a dog barking into something angelic with enough work. 

9. [+5] Can't stand idols that sing with AR. Performances are important but so is the live. There's something that makes a performance feel more special when it's live...

10. [+13] NMIXX and STAYC are truly the most talented out of the fourth-generation groups, legends

11. [+12] Finally people are talking about this ㅋㅋ

12. [+6] Even the live singing on radio shows is with AR..