SM to debut virtual AI 'Naevis' from Aespa's universe this March

Article: Naevis, a character from Aespa's virtual world, will debut this March

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+36] I don't know anymore

2. [+5] Lee Soo Man's 2023-2029 plans: NCT British, Volleywood, more expansions, Naevs performing on music shows and radio, and eventually a new Naevis girl group that lives in a parallel universe to Aespa..

3. [+27] Wait, what's going on, Lee Soo Man-ssi...??

4. [+1] ...? What is this

5. [+1] Huh

6. This is so... huh... Soo Man, you need to stop.. SM, wake up.. just be happy with Taeyeon..

7. [+7] No, really, what's wrong with SM?

8. Why is everyone acting surprised?

9. [+1] But SM already has Taeyeon...?

10. ??? Huh?

11. Didn't Naevis die???.... Did she get resurrected? 

12. [+1] SM, you can stop now.....

13. Yeah, I had a feeling Naevis was going to debut

14. So Aespa had to do all the work for Naevis to reap the benefits of?

15. I feel like I don't even know SM anymore


Source: Naver + Naver

1. [+8, -0] Is Lee Soo Man running a business or his dementia?

2. So are all jobs just going to be replaced by AI in the future?

3. Why are their chins so sharp?

4. Who's having fun with this?

5. I'm so sick and tired of SM's tacky concepts ㅋㅋㅋ The Aespa members are pretty enough, stop with these weird concepts

6. Aespa-themed DDR content would be so successful

7. After watching 'Jung_E'... these AI things end up as s*x products in the end when there's no fandom left to consume their stuff... What direction is all of this going on?? I'm sure corporations are all for AI products since there's no contract to fuss over and you can work them 24/7 for eternity... but..