'Singles Inferno 2' Yoongjae and Seoeun cancel expensive fan meet after backlash, to hold free meet instead

Article: 'Singles Inferno 2' Yoongjae and Seoeun get hate for expensive fan meet, eventually changes plans

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+317] I don't know who they are but I find it funny that non-celebrities are holding fan meets now ㅋㅋ and even more bizarre that people are going ㅋㅋ people must have too much time on their hands

2. [+108] Was this something needing an apology over? If people wanted to go, they would've paid for it, and if some found it too expensive, they can just not go.

3. [+53] This is such a joke

4. [+58] It's a shame because they were a couple I supported~ I wouldn't have minded the expensive ticket costs if they were being donated to a good deed but this was a bit off putting!

5. [+35] So even non-celebrities have fan meets now~

6. [+21] People need to wake up

7. [+24] But if people were willing to pay the cost to see them in the first place, this wouldn't have been controversial, right? The couple shouldn't really get hate if there were idiots willing to pay to see them.

8. [+18] So this is why all those fake dating shows are so popular nowadays, for the grift ㅋㅋ

9. [+6] These people on dating shows really think they're celebrities, huh...

10. [+10] A fan meet???? Were they serious?