New Jeans' Danielle apologizes for calling Seollal 'Chinese New Year'

Article: New Jeans Danielle calls Seollal 'Chinese New Year'... "I am reflecting deeply"

Source: The Joongang via Naver

1. [+1,025, -59] And this is why Bang Shi Hyuk didn't want her in the group and asked her to be taken out but Min Hee Jin was stubborn enough to debut her ใ…‹ใ…‹ Once this group starts getting into Chinese controversies like this, the group is going to go down the flop path.

2. [+688, -14] Wait, I assumed she made this mistake because she was part Chinese or something but not only is she Korean, she attended school in Korea, too... hul -.-;;; how can you even think of calling it 'Chinese New Year'? I don't understand at all.. this is really disappointing

3. [+317, -9] Hul~~~ who's teaching these idols? Chinese teachers?? This isn't even the first time this controversy has come up, why do these idols keep calling it 'Chinese New Year'?? ๐Ÿคข

4. [+179, -1] Please either keep groups limited to Korean only members or get them all proper history education~~~ ใ…œใ…œใ…œ I liked this group because of their good vibes but I'm totally over them because of this. I'm going to stick to supporting groups with only Korean members. 

5. [+142, -4] This is kind of weird? Because any normal Korean person has never even heard of Seollal being called 'Chinese New Year'?

6. [+98, -2] New Jeans... goodbye. You were a Chinese group all along.

7. [+94, -4] She's lived in Korea for years, and her mother is Korean, too.. so why? Her mother is full Korean, right? Because I've never heard of a Korean person call it 'Chinese New Year'. I'm really disappointed, especially since New Jeans is a group I started liking for the first time in years..

8. [+93, -8] I bet you she has Chinese blood in her family line somewhere

9. [+83, -2] Her fellow Australian member called it 'Lunar New Year', why did she call it this unless her brain is just there for decoration ใ…กใ…ก

10. [+72, -0] She's working in Korea, she's Korean herself... so why would you ever call Seollal 'Chinese'?


Source: Naver

1. [+1,253, -26] So can we please stop putting Chinese kids in these groups?
- [+46] What's shocking about this is that she's Korean
- [+28] She's Australian and Korean mixed

2. [+671, -17] Is it too much to ask that celebrities have basic knowledge of the world? Enough with this blind greed, let's please get into the industry with some basic sense of the world. I can't tell if this is ignorance or a lack of interest at this point... 

3. [+599, -10] I like that we're speaking up about this. I hated it when I went to school in the US and the media kept calling it 'Chinese New Year'. The only acceptable form should be 'Lunar New Year', and 'Chinese New Year' should be banned from use.

4. [+152, -9] Foreigner

5. [+83, -3] Celebrity agencies need to stop focusing on teaching only dance and start giving basic knowledge lessons. And do not hire Chinese teachers. I can't believe we have idols calling Korean history "a short story" and another calling Seollal 'Chinese New Year', tsk

6. [+65, -3] No more foreign mixed kids on K-Pop stages. There are tons of hard-working Korean trainees in our country as it is! A so-called Korean idol is really out here calling it 'Chinese New Year', tsk tsk

7. [+54, -0] Why did she even bother saying it in English? Does she not speak Korean? Just call it Seollal, how great does that sound?

8. [+42, -2] This is why I don't care how pretty someone is, I just can't warm up to someone with no brain in their head

9. [+35, -1] There's no hope for someone so stupid

10. [+20, -3] What do you expect from a Westerner making her money in Korea


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+458] I live in Canada and people normally call it 'Chinese New Year' here... I'm sure a lot of people living abroad are just used to it by now...

2. [+419] But I did hear that Seollal is called 'Chinese New Year' abroad

3. [+858] I keep seeing people comment that 'Chinese New Year' is how it's called in English but that's only if you're going by Western corporations who only target Chinese markets and investments and fail to consider that the holiday is celebrated by other countries outside of China. The official English name for the holiday is 'Lunar'. The rest of you Chinese CCP need to turn off your VPNs in the comments.

4. [+850] China is in the wrong for this

5. [+200] Some of you need to shut up with the shields. Just because other countries call it 'Chinese New Year' doesn't mean we should be like "oh okay, that's fine"... we should be working hard to change it. So if another country comes and starts calling Dokdo Japan's, you're going to be like "sure, that's fine"?? An influential K-Pop idol should not be using the wrong name like this.

6. [+67] No point in shielding her. She has realized herself that she's in the wrong so why are you shielding her? ใ…Žใ…Žใ…Ž

7. [+475] Australia has been calling it 'Lunar New Year' to be more inclusive. We're all changing it as more and more people realize that the holiday is celebrated not only in China ๐Ÿ˜„

8. [+85] Vietnamese-Australian Hanni called it 'Lunar New Year' just fine... so why you? Are you even really Korean?

9. [+30] Isn't her mom supposed to be Korean?

10. [+1,080] Let's please get these idols some basic education before debuting them...


Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+548] It's always the fans that fan the fire when a celebrity comes forward with an apology and tries to put the fire out. Fans need to learn to back down and let things die out instead of over-shielding their idols and making the controversy worse.

2. [+289] You cannot be shielding this right now...

3. [+357] I think this is an understandable mistake on Danielle's end since she's experienced several different cultures throughout her life. Global companies like Samsung and Apple still call Seollal 'Chinese New Year'. However, as an idol working in Korea, I do agree that she should've been more understanding of the sensitive sentiments between Korean-Chinese relations and that she should've been more careful. It's good that she posted an apology quickly. Knowing her usual personality and character, I truly think this mistake happened out of not knowing Eastern customs since she's more accustomed to Western customs. I'm sure she's just as upset herself ใ…œใ…œ

4. [+214] I'm sure she won't make thios mistake again. She apologized so quickly as well..

5. [+190] Not a big deal.. There are still a lot of foreigners who call it 'Chinese New Year', why not go find all of them and make them write an apology letter too

6. [+201] Some of the comments here are really making the controversy worse...;


Source: Sojang via YouTube

1. [+312] What's hilarious to me is that during their 'Cookie' controversy, people were defending the song saying it's only foreigners who think of it that way... and now with this controversy, people are defending it again saying foreigners call it that ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ you guys aren't purposely trying to be funny, are you?

2. [+181] New Jeans' Danielle is the first idol to call it 'Chinese New Year'. First Hybe's male-dol calls Korean history "short" and now this Hybe-dol... Hybe is an international embarrassment to Korea.

3. [+160] I would be more understanding if Danielle had not lived in Korea for that long but she's lived here for 13 years... for her to call it 'Chinese New Year' makes me lose all respect for her. It feels very telling that she didn't learn anything about Korea during her long stay here.

4. [+120] It pisses me off that New Jeans immediately stopped wearing hanbok once Chinese netizens got on them about it... IVE has no problem wearing hanboks, what else are you expected to wear during Seollal? 

5. [+26] I don't understand how you've lived in Korea for 13 years and you're saying 'Chinese New Year' instead of 'saehaebok mani badeuseyo'?? I'm actually amazed.

6. [+77] Fact: if you're mad that Danielle's in trouble, you're either Chinese or a male fan. Any normal Korean would be angry that she called it this. Danielle obviously knew she messed up because she wrote an apology for it as well.

7. [+46] She's lived in Korea since she was little, her mother is Korean.. how do you not know anything about Seollal? It's a bigger holiday here than even Chuseok. 

8. [+27] Are the fans shielding her really her true fans? They're all going around saying "she apologized, that was amazing of her" and heaping praise on her like she did something huge... 

9. [+31] I seriously questioned what my eyes were reading when I saw her 'Chinese New Year'... what can you call her other than ignorant at this point

10. [+123] Jang Wonyoung would've been 100% exiled from the industry if she wrote 'Chinese New Year'. New Jeans' fandom is disgusting for shielding this. So if the entire world calls Dokdo as belonging to Japan, you guys would be fine with that too? Since that's what foreigners call it, right? You're really willing to sell your own country over an idol.