New variety dating show pairs Korean + Japanese idol trainees together

Article: 'Romance Before Debut'... girl group trainees and SOPA male students will be living together and 'dating'

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+507] What is this...? About as ridiculous of a combo as kimchi jjigae and macarons

2. [+104] So many weird shows nowadays

3. [+97] So we're now getting dating shows with high schoolers? I guess people are bored with just the plain old audition shows

4. [+57] Just because they got to date 'pre-debut' doesn't mean anything's stopping them from dating 'post-debut', it's ridiculous logic

5. [+22] What a f*cking mess of a country

6. [+8] Can you imagine if these kids actually got to debut later and their respective groups are on the same stage at an award ceremony or something~~ they'll instantly be in the news for "suspicious vibes"~~

7. [+1] So what is this? An audition + dating reality competition?

8. [+9] They really better not get into any relationships after they debut then

9. [+5] Why are all of the male contestants Korean

10. [+1] People are way too crazed with dating shows lately