Girl group GWSN file to terminate contracts for mismanagement by agency

Article: 7-member girl group GWSN on the risk of bankruptcy because of poor management by agency

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+191] All of these agencies must be losing their minds lately

2. [+96] Seems like all girl groups with ~Girl in their names end up suffering...

3. [+88] I feel especially bad for the two foreign members, what a ridiculous situation 😫😖

4. [+29] Hul, I was wondering why I stopped seeing them around

5. [+2] What's with their name ㅋㅋㅋ they seem like some random hole-in-the-wall agency that took a bunch of random kids and debuted them under a random name ㅋㅋ why wouldn't you flop under those conditions?

6. [+6] What's their concept? Homeless in the Park? 

7. [+3] Hul, they came to our middle school to perform.. aigoo.....

8. [+1] Hul

9. Why are agencies so messed up like this these days..

10. ? First time hearing about them but I do feel bad about what's happening..