Studies show women still bear most of the household burden in young double income couples

Article: Women found to do 2.3 times more housework and child rearing amongst young double income couples in Seoul... women do 114 minutes of chores a day, men do 49 minutes

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,000, -197] Younger couples promise to divide income and household chores evenly but it always end up that the woman ends up doing more of the child rearing and household chores no matter how equal their jobs are.

2. [+805, -105] Men need to help more but so does the biases in our society. A lot of the in-laws are still of the opinion that men should only "help" with the chores when child rearing and chores are something you do "together", not something he "helps" with.

3. [+594, -159] All of you loser men who won't ever get married anyway shouldn't be getting mad in the comments here. The wife of your illusions doesn't exist.

4. [+68, -24] I'm a man in my mid-twenties, served in the army and all, and I really think women have more to lose from marriage. They're the ones who have to deal with pregnancy, house chores, child rearing, family holidays and traditions. And it's not like the men in our country hold up their end by promising an apartment of their own. Most young couples live in subsidized housing or villas, and still requiring the woman's income to qualify and pay off mortgages with. It's a funny reality. Women really stand to lose more in marriage;;; and it's not like Korean men are super handsome or charming to make any of this worth it either;;

5. [+57, -10] I make similar to my husband.. but I have to do all the child rearing.. allt he housework... he never listens if I ask to sleep in on the weekends. Let's the kid come wake me up ㅠㅠ Can all you mothers please raise some decent sons...

6. [+47, -6] A lot of men operate in life with the thought of using women to be compensated for the years they lost to serve in the army. You served not to protect women but because you were obligated to by your country to protect your own parents and brothers. Why do you think a woman should be the answer to your plights?

7. [+42, -3] And that's why no one's having babies these days ㅋㅋ housework is already difficult enough, no one has the will to raise a child on top of that

8. [+40, -1] Even though couples are double income, it's always the mothers who show up to pre-school meetings, hospital appointments, school talent shows, etc. It takes two to make a child and yet it's always the men who either don't care or don't know how to care...

9. [+31, -3] In the end, it's not about who does more of this or that, it's about how grateful you are that your partner did something, whether that's a household chore or their job.. once you no longer feel thankful for what they do, that relationship is ruined

10. [+26, -5] Men always talk about going 50/50 on everything... but there's always a trap there. Sure, you can go 50/50 on dining out, but they always eat 2-3 times more than the woman does and the woman ends up paying for food that she didn't even eat. That's what men call Dutch pay.

11. [+24, -1] And this is why women care about how much men make. Men cannot give birth. They also do not contribute to household chores... so there's nothing left for women to see in a man except his economic contribution to the household.

12. [+22, -6] I heard that Korean women are the only women of advanced countries who do all of the child rearing on their own. I have a friend who married a foreign man and when their baby cries, he'll get up and get the baby bottle and feed the baby... meanwhile, my friends who married Korean men either go turn on the TV or run out for a smoke when the baby starts crying. 

13. [+21, -0] I see it in my own family... we both work and make similar money but now that my daughter's a bit older, she's been noticing things.. she told me "mom, it must be hard to have to do everything" even though my husband doesn't completely do nothing but it's true that I end up doing more