New photos show Kim Garam is back at school with friends

Article: Latest update on Kim Garam who left Le Sserafim over 'school bullying' controversy

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+136] Did anyone ask?

2. [+116] Anyone actually curious about her updates?

3. [+36] Didn't ask, don't care.. don't even care to leave a comment

4. [+33] I imagine it's harder for kids like her to go back to a normal life ㅋㅋ It's not like she was already far into her debut when she had to leave, it was right when she was a rookie and her face was being presented to the world that the scandal erupted, which basically messed up any chance for a re-debut in the future ㅋㅋㅋ the entire nation will remember that she was a school bully and it will follow her forever

5. [+26] Did anyone ask for her updates?

6. [+12] Anyone ask?

7. [+5] Yeah, no one cares for her updates so please keep them to a minimum

8. [+6] I do not care for her updates

9. [+1] She has quite the mental.. shamelessly still attending school after an entire scandal over being a bully. Just stay quiet.

10. [+8] Don't care

11. [+1] Leave her be. She's pretty enough where she'll end up fine in life. I heard she comes from a wealthy family too. All she needs to do is stay off of TV because I can't stand bullies like her getting away with it in life.

12. [+2] No more updates on her. We do not care. 

13. [+3] Let her be, she's not a celebrity anymore ㅜ no one cares for her updates