Kim Hye Soo steals the show at the 'Blue Dragon Film Awards'

Article: 'Best sense' Kim Hye Soo's speech at the Blue Dragon Film Awards

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+702] She gave an amazing speech but her make up and dress left so much to be desired.. it hid away all that modern beauty that makes Kim Hye Soo who she is

2. [+360] She is our country's gem 😍😍😍

3. [+229] She has such a gorgeous face, I wish she'd stop doing things to it..

4. [+76] Hye Soo unni, why did you ever get lip fillers.. ㅜㅜ your lips were so beautiful and charming as they were... Still pretty, though. I can never forget how gorgeous you were when I saw you a at the airport

5. [+101] Her make up looked so weird, but yes, her commentary was amazing!!

6. [+61] Hye Soo the God!! 👏👏

7. [+44] After seeing her in a short cut all the time, it was amazing seeing her with long hair.. so innocent and crazy beautiful.. love you unni 😫❤️

8. [+8] She is aging so gracefully 👍🏻

9. [+12] She looked great yesterday, aside from the lips. Such an innocent look 👏

10. [+6] Her look was a bit imbalanced between the dress, make up, and especially the lip make up.. she's normally so charismatic