Idol photo card scams run rampant, brought under police investigation

Article: [Exclusive] "Selling unreleased idol photocards" scam of hundreds of millions of won... under police investigation

Source: Seoul Economy via Nate

An 'idol photo card' seller is under investigation after scamming 78 people out of 300 million won for the sale of fake photo cards. Of the 78 known victims, 28 filed reports with the police, and many more victims are suspected to be out there.

1. [+239, -28] No matter how big of an idol fan you are, why would you ever give money to someone for the sale of something that isn't proven by the idol's agency itself? People are so frustrating.

2. [+210, -13] I will never understand how people can spend thousands on a piece of paper

3. [+9, -7] I've heard a lot of kids are buying IVE photo cards lately, this is such a malicious scam against young kids

4. [+8, -2] A country of scammers

5. [+7, -1] If it's an unreleased photo card that even the agency isn't selling ㅡㅡ wouldn't it be common sense that it's a scam;;;

6. [+7, -3] People have more money than I thought...

7. [+6, -2] Wow, why would you want to scam little kids out of their allowance money??

8. [+5, -1] What even is a photo card?

9. [+4, -1] I don't know much about idols but I have a longtime dongsaeng in Indonesia and she told me that someone in Indonesia bought some male idol NXX or whatever's photo card for 25 million won and asked me if I could get her one too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this photo card business is bigger than we would ever think

10. [+3, -1] I have no idea what a photo card is

11. [+2, -0] The only fools are the ones who offered up such a large sum of money

12. [+2, -2] You're an idiot for even depositing that money and it's because idiots like you exist that scammers are proliferating