Producer Don Spike arrested for Philopon abuse and possession

Article: Don Spike arrested with 1,000 counts of Philopon in hotel room

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+944, -3] It hasn't even been that long since he's gotten married, tsk tsk

2. [+936, -6] The amount that he was arrested with means that he's not simply a user (he's either selling it for money or handing them out). He's definitely a distributor.

3. [+438, -4] He was on that couples variety show whining about how he and his wife don't have a compatible schedule... but it looks like he was just high off his balls and sleeping through the day and verbally abusing his wife whenever she had to wake him up..

4. [+357, -8] Throw him in jail for good. Celebrities need to be taught that as public figures, they have a responsibility to the public and that they should quit their careers if they don't want to uphold their end of the deal. They don't get to live off of the attention of the public but hold no moral responsibility for it.

5. [+266, -2] All that talk about how he had four personalities in him that were torturing him....

6. [+154, -0] Maybe that's why he always kept his head shaved

7. [+93, -0] This is the best opportunity for his wife to take her assets and get out. Please don't think that you can change him with your love. No normal person on this earth has that kind of power.

8. [+91, -0] He recently got married... and now he's ruining his wife's life too

9. [+66, -1] Better start investigating everyone close with him. I bet you you'll catch a lot of people.

10. [+59, -0] No wonder he's got "four personalities" in him when he's taking that many drugs...


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+381] He's a newlywed, too. How unfortunate.

2. [+233] Why would you do this? What do you expect your wife to do now?

3. [+220] Hul? I always thought he seemed off when he was on that variety show. His poor wife...

4. [+146] Ugh, newly married too

5. [+123] Well now we know why he claims to have multiple personalities