Park Min Young's continued weight loss alarms viewers

Video: The severe state of Park Min Young's health being hidden by her agency

Source: Drama Gallery via YouTube

1. [+116] She's lost so much weight that too much of her cheekbones are showing and it's making her look older ㅜㅜ she looked a lot more youthful and prettier when she had more fat on her cheeks ㅜㅠㅠ

2. [+58] Minyoung-ssi, your face before all of this was prettier..

3. [+48] Actresses get so much crap for gaining weight... then for losing weight... then for looking old when they're getting older.. so when they get plastic surgery to avoid all those criticisms, they get crap for getting surgery and how natural is best.. Who can win in this situation? Actresses should just focus on their mental health...

4. [+26] Seems like she's suffering from side effects of plastic surgery, no?

5. [+25] I noticed that she lost way too much weight with 'Forecasting Love and Weather', she looked so old all of a sudden

6. [+20] She lost so much weight, she must've gone hard with the dieting

7. [+18] Really shows that everyone looks best with a bit of fat on their face no matter what age, she's still pretty though~

8. [+15] She's pretty, always ㅠㅠ tired of people saying this and that about her

9. [+14] She's in yet another boring chaebol story drama. She did, however, lose so much weight... I'm worried for her health, and I hope she's not going overboard with this stuff.

10. [+14] It's weight loss but the area around her mouth has also changed a lot too...

11. [+13] You naturally lose fat in your face as you get older but she dieted on top of that, so...

12. [+8] She was prettiest during 'Secretary Kim'.. why can't people ever feel satisfied and go on to ruin themselves like this;; it's so obvious in the mirror, isn't it?

13. [+5] I don't remember her having such pronounced cheekbones before.. I don't know that simply weight loss would bring them out so much like this

14. [+4] I've loved her ever since 'Secretary Kim', I hope she's healthy ㅠㅠ she has a special sparkle that's unique just to her..!

15. [+10] She's just getting older is all