Netflix invests heavily in an influx of new Korean content coming

Article: Netflix has 8 more Korean content originals scheduled for the rest of the year, why the influx? "Nothing cheaper to produce than Korean entertainment"

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

1. [+365, -19] I think the gist of it is that Korean content is cheaper to produce than anything in Hollywood but you have to understand that Hollywood has strict labor regulations that protect their cast and employees whereas Korean production sets are all about abusing power and overworking staff in a high tension environment. The fact that Korean content is cheap to produce is not necessarily a good thing. Korea is gaining attention on the world stage as a first world country and we should make sure that our society is advancing with it.

2. [+249, -18] I'm kind of scared that Korean content is going to end up just a flash in the pan like Hong Kong movies used to be back then... because too much cheap content is being produced now...

3. [+76, -4] It's great that Netflix is producing more Korean content but I hope it's a situation where the Korean production companies get something out of it too

4. [+63, -4] That's the whole point of a 'boom', it's popularity that builds on popularity. Korean content may be makjang and overdone for us but you have to admit that Hallyu is well packaged for the average media consumer to enjoy. The K-wave is going to last for a longer time to come and it's up to us to use it wisely for our future. There's definitely a Korean boom going on right now and opportunities are aplenty...

5. [+55, -7] What's next? Demanding military exemptions for drama stars too? ㅋ

6. [+20, -1] The title pisses me off, like it's trying to blame Netflix for having ill intentions. Let's get the facts straight: out of the hundreds of movies and drama scenarios that Korean directors have put forward, how many Korean production companies were willing to invest in them other than Netflix? 'Squid Game' hit daebak with Netflix but do you know that it spent 8 years just looking for someone to invest it? I know people have an issue with Netflix taking the bulk of the profits but that's a risk everyone has to take. Producers just need to worry about making high quality content and people will pay for it accordingly.

7. [+3, -0] Considering how many of the dramas end up being sh*t quality or absolute flops, I wouldn't say Netflix is always getting the better end of the deal ㅋㅋ

8. [+4, -2] Netflix is the one that gave production sets better work environments with the influx of investments... 40 billion won is a type of investment that most dramas in our country couldn't have dared to dream of!!! 

9. [+2, -0] Netflix has to love K-Dramas considering the cost of producing one season is the same as producing one episode of an American drama

10. [+2, -0] Lately, it's been feeling like Netflix hasn't been properly screening the dramas they're taking on because there have been so many low quality works. Punching out dramas like a factory line isn't always the best just to try and meet demand.