Jennie fans demand YG to take action against hacker who continues to leak private photos

Video: Jennie blocks all friends on private account after new pictures leak

Source: Human Addict via YouTube

1. [+442] I feel bad for all three of them... they've done nothing wrong to deserve this

2. [+293] Jennie has done nothing wrong. She's a victim of a crime.

3. [+184] This is really getting worse and worse. There's no way she's not under stress from all of this. I really hope she isn't struggling ㅠㅜ

4. [+80] I'd understand if this was driving her crazy. It's impressive that she's able to keep up with her comeback promos in the midst of all of this.

5. [+33] Dating's fine... all I can say at this point is "find strength".. ㅠ what is her agency even doing? Please handle this before Jennie's panic disorder gets worse.. ㅠ

6. [+71] I'm starting to get worried that Jennie might be thinking bad thoughts. She's in her twenties, what's so wrong with dating.. I'd be so terrified to think that my personal photo albums were being leaked. Jennie, find strength.

7. [+80] So from what I gather, there are some private photos that have been leaked, but only private enough where they were shared with close friends, which might cause her to feel some betrayal, but nothing so intimate that it might cause a problem with the media. It seems like people are under the impression that she has some truly intimate photos in her albums, which doesn't seem to be the case.

8. [+78] I wish another hacker for good would catch this guy and teach them a lesson ㅠㅠ

9. [+56] If I were in this situation, I'd lose my mind... this is just not something you do to another human being

10. [+82] I see some people trying to blame Jennie for posting these pictures on her private account and not being careful... but she hasn't posted on her private account in years. The picture leaks are from her entire phone being hacked ㅠㅠ can you imagine if someone hacked your own personal phone galleries? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ And even if these pictures were posted on her private account, it's still the blame of the criminal who hacked her, not Jennie herself. Please stop letting your jealousy cloud your judgment.

11. [+8] Posting pictures of her in bed and in her bath totally crossed the line

12. [+31] This is getting so severe...

13. [+42] What is her agency doing? Hurry up and find the hacker and sue them already

14. [+24] I think this is further proof that Black Pink isn't planning to renew their contracts because YG isn't taking care of this at all. I feel bad for Jennie more than V because her image is being impacted more than his...


Source: TBig News via YouTube

1. [+184] Agency, please do something about this ㅠㅠ

2. [+109] I'm not even a Jennie fan but my heart breaks for her ㅠㅠ I hope this all gets resolved for her soon ㅠㅠㅠ will her company hurry up and do their jobs already!!!!

3. [+34] Poor Jennie ㅠ my heart breaks for her ㅠ I can't imagine the stress she's under. It must feel like someone's constantly watching her ㅠ it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it ㅠ

4. [+29] My heart rips for her... ㅠㅜ a hacker of this level is just a straight up hater of Jennie and V. Would it have killed them to just let the two enjoy their relationship ㅡㅅㅡ This is totally acting with the intent to ruin someone's life. I'm a V fan, not a Jennie fan, but I can't imagine how much stress Jennie's under... Sigh, I wish both find strength and that they don't let this hacker get to them...!!

5. [+12] Unni... find strength

6. [+13] Both of their companies need to please do their jobs;;;;

7. [+19] YG? Knock knock knock. Please do your jobs! Are you going to take responsibility if something happens to Jennie unni?

8. [+21] But at this point, I do wonder how her agency is even supposed to handle this.. because obviously the first step is to catch the hacker but it doesn't seem likely.. and even if you do catch the hacker, how are you sure that they didn't upload the files elsewhere? You could pay the hacker off to stop leaking the files.. but they could just do it again later if they wanted to. So do you have to keep paying them off each time? There's really not much YG can do.. ㅠㅠ

9. [+23] What does the hacker want in the end? Money?..

10. [+15] It really pisses me the f*ck off that YG isn't doing anything. Their artist is being harmed by this, shouldn't they be doing anything they can?

11. [+8] YG-ya.. what're you doing. Are you waiting until Jennie's life is ruined b efore you step in? Did Jennie tell you she wasn't going to renew, is that why?

12. [+18] Difficult situation for YG. It's obvious the hacker wants money out of this but it's not like YG can just be like "here's the money" but they also can't just sit idly by like this either... Even if they catch the hacker, it only takes a few seconds for them to leak everything else... ㅠㅜ

13. [+20] I'm thinking the hacker is a huge GD fan and they're just pissed that Jennie left him for V