Nana attends press conference covered in tattoos from head to toe

Article: Nana appears at press conference with tattoos all over body... her agency responds "it's her private life"

Source: Insight + Insight + Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+165] Why should she have to clarify her tattoos?

2. [+137] Why the fuss? It looks pretty. She has a right to keep her privacy about what she does with her life as well as have her own beauty standards. 

3. [+120] Why are people demanding a clarification over her tattoos? So what if she has them... 

4. [+78] Anyone can tell that the tattoos are fake stickers but her company saying "we can't go into details" makes it seem funnier ㅋㅋ like they're purposely trying to make the tattoos seem a bigger deal than they are ㅋㅋ

5. [+63] Tattoos are a personal preference, just like it's also fair for producers to have a preference not to cast actors who have visible tattoos that don't fit their characters. Celebrities are free to make up their own images to cater to certain fandoms and wahtnot but they should also be aware that certain images will leave them out of certain opportunities.

6. [+38] It's so obvious those are stickers..

7. [+27] Who cares ㅋㅋㅋ the tattoos are pretty

8. [+24] The tattoos just aren't pretty.. and don't fit her at all

9. [+23] Surely they're fake... please 👏

10. [+23] It's obviously henna.. actors rarely get tattoos because they have to be able to take on a variety of characters

11. [+22] I would hardly count these as full body tattoos

12. [+12] The tattoos take away from her beauty

13. [+8] Surely it's just henna

14. [+1] If this was public broadcast, she would've had to cover it all up with bandages or longer clothes 😂😂

15. [+3] What is there to clarify if this is what she chose to do for herself?