'Big Mouth' jumps past 10% viewer ratings

Article: A battle of the brains, 'Big Mouth' surpasses 10% viewer ratings

Source: Yonhap News via Naver + Insight

1. [+62, -1] This drama's so good... It's my #1 drama these days... Let's get Lee Jong Suk to a daesang

2. [+27, -0] It's so good ㅋ

3. [+23, -1] I started watching reruns and finally caught up this week..!! It's seriously so good..

4. [+18, -2] This is the only drama I've been watching lately. Yoona's so good.

5. [+12, -1] Watching for Lee Jong Suk~

6. There's an addictive quality to Lee Jong Suk's acting... Kwak Dong Yeon is the Big Mouse, right?

7. I've been trying to watch because I like Yoona but starting in the middle has made it difficult to keep up with the plot... Yoona's acting, however, has seemed to improve a bit. I think it's helped that she's let go of her greed and picked a few characters in a row that she can pull off..

8. The Lee Jong Suk Effect

9. This is a must watch, it's so good

10. I've been telling everyone that it's good! It's legendary

11. I'm pretty sure the Big Mouse is Kwak Dong Yeon

12. Can 'The Good Detective' get some hype too, it's really good 🔥

13. Every Lee Jong Suk drama has been really good

14. I randomly started watching it and totally fell in love! Now I'm so curious to find out who the Big Mouse is!

15. I started watching because 'Alchemy of Souls' skipped a week and now I think I'll be tuning in for this starting next week... 😍