Society grows increasingly concerned with the growth of 'pro-ana' communities among teens online

 Article: "Being fat is a crime... starving until rib cage shows"

Source: Seoul Economy via Naver

1. [+868, -34] Health is your most important asset. What is the point of losing weight like this if you lose your health? Work on building your inner beauty than your physical looks. The person with a healthy mind will always be successful. Losing your health over weight loss will eventually make you lose everything. Take care of yourself while you still can. If you have the time to dedicate to this, buy a book and read it instead. Work on your inner beauty, not your outer.

2. [+769, -39] None of this would be happening if we just stopped judging other people for their looks. These children are not to blame. We have to look at ourselves and how we treat others. Reflect on that and make sure never to do it again. Even as children are dying from anorexia, you people are busy blaming them, lecturing them, acting like you're above them. Just stop judging. That's the only way to stop all of this. Lecturing and judging them will only make it worse.

3. [+418, -61] Teens are beautiful enough to just wear sunscreen with a white t-shirt and jeans ㅜ

4. [+257, -24] Looking healthy and lively is more important than being thin 👍

5. [+149, -7] Students, being healthy is what makes you pretty. There is no future once you lose your health. Eat delicious things, exercise moderately, and find something to focus on. Youth only lasts so long and it's sad to waste such a short amount of time on thinking about your weight 24 hours a day and putting your body through this torture.

6. [+92, -1] Children, your rib cage showing isn't what makes you beautiful. It's clear skin, a happy face, healthy hair... Eat healthy things, get enough sleep, and find reasons to smile.

7. [+57, -0] People don't care about you as much as you think they do. Work on building a healthy sense of self esteem instead.

8. [+42, -2] Anyone who's experienced the difference in the way people treat you when you're skinny vs fat will know what these children are feeling... It's just too bad that these children are taking it to such extremes. Just practicing OMAD and exercising would be better.

9. [+37, -0] If being "fat is a crime", then I'm on death row 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

10. [+37, -1] I'm already so sick of the media hyping up celebrities who lose weight for getting prettier. Our society is getting worse with its focus on lookism. Just how far will beauty standards go? Until there's nothing but skin left on bones?

11. [+36, -0] You're going to suffer from hair loss 20 years faster than other people if you follow stuff like this

12. [+38, -4] This is the thing about the Millennial/Gen Z generation... they act all woke and hip but in the end, it's because they still care about how they look to others

13. [+35, -1] If all you have to show for yourself is your weight, that's a sad life...

14. [+31, -1] What do you expect when our society constantly tells us that our head needs to be small, face needs to be small, tall height but toned, ample chest and behind... we're told from a young age whether we're pretty or ugly. Everywhere you go, people are judging you on your face and body! And if you get plastic surgery, you're judged for that, too. I've noticed that the people who judge the most harshly on other people's looks are the ones who have the most complexes about their own looks.

15. [+26, -0] Let's please just live the way we were born. Who cares if we're fat or skinny? As long as we're healthy, just let that be the standard.

16. [+20, -0] The world is getting so crazy

17. [+17, -0] Filling your brain is more important than your looks, otherwise you're just a tin can with nothing inside of it. Even if you're fat, you will be able to get a job and get married as long as you meet the requirements for those things.

18. [+14, -0] Fine, do all of this in your teens or twenties, but your obsession over bones is going to turn into bone-aching regret once you hit your forties. Once you realize that this is all too late, it's going to be really too late, so stop being immature.

19. [+13, -1] But when you go around and see the clothing sizes that are available on the market, I can understand why children feel the need to go to such extreme measures to fit in..

20. [+10, -0] All starving yourself does is stress out your cells and slow them, increase the speed of aging in your twenties, and increase the risk of hair loss and other health diseases