GD is struggling to get over Jennie?

Video: GD's pitiful situation of being still obsessed with Jennie

Source: Sojang via YouTube

1. [+272] Why is it that all of the ex-girlfriends who date GD get accused of cheating or moving on too fast
- [+52] Lee Jooyeon ㅋ I think he's just framing them that way because he's old and petty ㅋㅋ
- [+82] I also thought it was weird that all of his exes get framed as a b*tch by the media with unconfirmed sources. Isn't it GD's problem if all of his exes turn out like that?
- [+33] Maybe GD's the type of boyfriend girls get tired of...

2. [+557] Whatever ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm most curious to see if Jennie's going to be waiting for V through his army service ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BTS, let's hurry and serve
- [+29] You can use cellphones all day in the army now so time goes by fast ㅋㅋ if she loves him a lot, I'm sure she'd wait. They might even grow closer.
- [+75] His time in the army going by fast has nothing to do with whether she'll wait for him or not
- [+59] Jennie feels like she might have too much pride to be waiting around for anyone
- [+49] Well there's no guarantee that they'll even continue dating until he serves in the army  ㅋㅋ

3. [+378] I'm really curious what Jennie's charm is in an intimate relationship

4. [+486] Kwon Jiyong.. let's put out an album now.. you have more than enough material..

5. [+107] Wow, GD fans are so weird. Jennie spent Christmas with her friend last year and break up rumors have been circulating ever since. If you take a closer look at the timeline, it doesn't even seem like she moved on that fast after they broke up, but GD fans are always making out his ex-girlfriends to be the bad b*tch, the one who moved on too fast from him, and writing hate comments about her all over communities like it's her fault and never his. It's also super weird to me that his fans are always asking him to write songs about his obsessions. So many GD fans with mental issues.

6. [+107] Someone can be pretty and also have a charm that makes you want to date them but I don't think they're exactly parallel. There are a ton of women prettier than Jennie but she must have that special charm that makes people want to date her specifically. That charm or 'pull' is sometimes more important to men than simply just being a pretty face.

7. [+89] Whatever the case, GD's the most talented

8. [+99] Wow, GD fans here are creeping me out... they're celebrating his obsessiveness and asking him to write songs about it. Can you imagine how actual women who are victims to such obsessions must feel? ㅜㅜ

9. [+159] I like this, and I want Kwon Jiyong to write more songs about love like this. He has a few songs like this already like 'Last Dance', which sounds like a song to fans at first but if you read it more closely, it's an obsessive song about love. 'Girlfriend' also has this obsessive feel to it as well.

10. [+187] GD made it so obvious even after they began dating, he must've really liked her... but it's time to move on, Kwon Jiyong

11. [+163] GD-ya, there's no charm in a man who is clingy like this ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. [+131] I feel bad that Jennie keeps getting accused of moving on too fast after him. Actually, all of GD's exes have been accused of the same thing. Jennie fans already had a feeling that they broke up last Christmas when she spent Christmas and New Years with her friends. She never would've posted anything if she had spent it with GD. She also spent a long time overseas so fans were already thinking that they had broken up.

13. [+106] Jennie never made anything obvious, it was always GD dropping hints. Did they ever even date at all? Maybe what Dispatch caught was them meeting with their managers for schedules or P Minus 1 sponsor stuff. I remember Dispatch following Jennie around for three years and never getting so much as a two shot so they just put out a threatening post and left it at that.

14. [+22] I remember when their dating news first broke out, Jennie's international fans were writing comments like "stay away from Jennie old man" and it made me laugh because they're both legends but GD has a legacy of his own right.. and figured these fans must be young.. but now that I see this video, I think he should listen to their advice. I love GD's music and I hope he heals his broken heart for the sake of his fans...

15. [+30] GD seems to turn into a fool when he really likes someone,, ㅜ

16. [+171] But why would GD go this far...? What does he lack....

17. [+62] Jennie and GD broke up last year. She even spent Christmas with close friends at a hotel, New Years as well. GD didn't go anywhere at that time and was in Korea too. Honestly, it seems like a GD issue at this point that Kiko, Nana, and Jennie are now all being accused of cheating on him or moving on from him too quick. 

18. [+23] GD's aging ungracefully. Saying that he wants a refund on his life is so rude to the fans who have made him who he is today.

19. [+25] He's actually making it so obvious that I'm starting to feel bad, and I'm sorry but he actually looks pathetic too. He's old enough to be acting more mature than this, no? People have already been on his case about losing his superstar aura at the Chanel fashion shows so why not just lay low for now...? Feels like he's tainting the cool guy image GD used to have in the past ㅠ...

20. [+26] I've been thinking this as well. Every time I see his Instagram, it seems like he's so obsessive of her, like he doesn't want to forget and move on ㅠ Jiyong-ah, let her go~~ wake up and produce some good songs for your fans~~ You are great as you are without Jennie. Forget her and come back to who you used to. I'm worried that he's going to get sick from all of this. I get scary thoughts every time I see him post.

21. [+50] What could Jennie even see in an ajusshi who's 8 years older... Seeing him ruin himself so badly like this makes me realize that he's not only human but no different from the rest of us ㅋㅋ

22. [+88] I wish Jennie would put out a song like Ariana Grande's 'Thank You Next' with all of her exes

23. [+178] Her ex is being clingy and obsessive, her current boyfriend is talentless

24. [+10] If people are accusing Jennie's timeline of moving on too fast, then GD moved on too fast with Jennie after Lee Joo Yeon

25. [+22] GD's unrequited love ㅠ

26. [+22] I wonder what Jennie's like in real life for both GD and V to be crazy over her like this ㅜ

27. [+57] Not sure why people are feeling bad for GD ㅋㅋㅋ he can date anyone he wants ㅋㅋㅋ

28. [+67] GD, didn't you throw away Joo Yeon unni too ✋️
- [+23] I remember GD fans terrorized Lee Joo Yeon's Instagram, accusing her of not being on his level ㅋㅋ

29. [+14] V must be laughing at all of this right now

30. [+38] Yeah, I doubt Jennie cares what he's doing anymore. Not only is he an old man but he's now outed himself as creepy and obsessive