Who will lead Hallyu while BTS is on hiatus?

Article: With BTS on hiatus to catch their breaths, who will lead Hallyu after them?

Source: Asia Economy via Naver

1. [+540, -33] There's no guarantee that Black Pink is never going to disband and last forever

2. [+332, -114] BTS is screwed if they don't enlist in the army while on break

3. [+332, -164] Black Pink got on the Hallyu wave for their flashy image but BTS succeeded through meaningful songs

4. [+160, -47] Isn't Black Pink over next year? They're seven years in now

5. [+69, -2] Black Pink never releases music. All they do is hang out overseas and advertise for brands... when are they going to return to their real jobs as singers?

6. [+57, -2] BTS has not disbanded yet, let's not jump the guns like this...

7. [+52, -4] Black Pink's amazing but I don't think they're at a level where they can be compared to BTS yet...

8. [+46, -2] I think the media is pushing this false narrative of BTS disbanding when they just said that they wanted to take some time to themselves and release their own music before getting back together

9. [+43, -3] 50% of K-Pop income is made through BTS. The other 50% is the rest of them and I don't think there's any group who can replace BTS yet.

10. [+37, -1] Of course Koreans are already looking for the next thing. BTS is not disbanding, and their American producers are already imagining how much better the group will be after they return from their individual activities.

11. [+23, -0] Black Pink can start by putting out some albums

12. [+20, -2] Isn't Black Pink a South East Asian group

13. [+15, -2] BTS and Black Pink are not on the same level ^^

14. [+12, -0] I think Black Pink's already on the last train out. YG has a record of treating old groups like leftover rice every time they put out a new girl group. They'll be thrown away exactly like 2NE1.

15. [+9, -1] Black Pink needs to put out more music