Korean YouTuber raises awareness about Kopino children in the Philippines through RJ's story

Article: Korean YouTuber follows Kopino boy who sells peanuts for a living after being abandoned by Korean father, gifts him a 'new house'

Source: Insight via Instagram [Madam Kim's YouTube channel]

1. [+744] Please... Please stop going all the way to another country to do these cruel things. If you're not going to take responsibility for the life you create, do not create one.

2. [+492] It gives me goosebumps to think that these men are laughing and living happily with their families back home in Korea

3. [+271] I really wish we could force paternity tests so that these men are forced to at least pay child support. This is such an embarrassing issue that makes me feel so sorry for all of them.

4. [+203] RJ grew up so well ㅠㅠ he's such a kind boy ㅠㅠㅠ when he said he hates his father ㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+48] I subscribed to Kim Madam's YouTube because of RJ and went through all their videos

6. [+106] I hope that RJ continues to grow as a hard working and responsible young man with his mother. All my blessings to the people donating for his support ❤️👏👏

7. [+107] Sigh... I heard there are so many children like him in the Philippines..

8. [+329] So embarrassing to know that there are men going all the way to other countries to do this to women and evade the responsibility for the life they created...

9. [+4] I watched this on YouTube.. my heart just broke 😢

10. [+8] We really need to start campaigns to find the fathers of these children

11. [+18] Kim Madam-nim is amazing 👏👏👏

12. [+9] We really need to force paternity tests to provide child support

13. [+3] There are 10,000 of these Kopino children. If we force everyone to take paternity tests and find fathers for these children, I reckon our divorce courts will be quite busy

14. [+2] I can't believe men like this still exist.. so embarrassing that they're from our country...

15. [+5] It's so embarrassing that the word 'Kopino' exists at all ㅡㅡ

16. [+1] I visit the Philippines often for work and there are a lot more Kopinos than we are aware of. I think Koreans need to see the reality of this.

17. [+21] The fact that the word Kopino exists at all. There are local organizations to help these children because it's been such a persistent issue. If they're able to find the men in Korea at all, they all threaten to sue or offer money to cut contact with them for good. Sigh...

18. [+6] I wonder how many Korean men are feeling scared right now


Source: Naver

1. [+3,100, -43] These men are scum of the Earth 

2. [+2,345, -24] Seeing him feels almost like someone abandoned a Korean child on the streets of the Philippines... He must look exactly like his father. Whoever his father is, please reflect upon your actions and go back to your child. This is not something that you can hide.

3. [+1,406, -19] Ah... He has such a Korean face. I wonder what his mother must feel, having to look at a face that must look so much like his father's... These men are terrible...

4. [+1,042, -42] I've been watching this YouTuber for a while and she's been doing so much to help the impoverished. I don't know if it's a cultural difference or whatever but I get the impression that they don't know just how much she's doing for them or how to act grateful for it. It made me realize the importance of education.

5. [+719, -26] Videos of RJ broke my heart so badly. He's such a handsome Korean boy with a gentle personality and yet he's living in such a poor environment. I pray that he grows up healthy!!

6. [+204, -1] Broke my heart to hear him say that he hates his father but that his goal is to continue learning Korean. He has such a beautiful smile. I hope that he overcomes these obstacles and grows up to do amazing things.

7. [+186, -7] I was so surprised at how handsome the child is. He could even be an idol, and he's so kind too. I read so many comments of people wishing that someone could bring him over to Korea and get him started on idol training. A child's life can be changed and I'm so grateful for all of the people donating their support. You will all be blessed.

8. [+168, -3] I randomly came across this YouTuber through the algorithm... The issue of Kopinos has gotten so bad. These men aren't even worth calling human. I wonder how old his father is now? 51 years old? And his English name is James? Put out a search warrant for him.

9. [+139, -2] There are so many Kopinos in the Philippines, and they're all born out of the ignorance Koreans have about Filipino culture. They are deeply religious people of Catholic faith and abortions are out of the question for them. So many Kopinos there have no idea who their fathers are, and some Korean men don't even know that they have children back in the Philippines. To prevent further tragedies like this, there really needs to be better education on Filipino culture for Korean tourists or students studying abroad in the Philippines.

10. [+90, -3] Our priority needs to be finding these fathers and getting child support payments, then informing these families of the child's existence... If you're going to spread your seed around the world, you need to take responsibility for it.

11. [+80, -4] I saw his video. He doesn't look mixed at all, just has the face of a Korean. I was surprised to see what a bright and positive child he still is despite watching him sweat in the heat to sell peanuts on the streets because of his difficult economic situation...

12. [+75, -12] Know how to fix the declining birth rate? Bring over the 10,000 Kopino children and get them into technical schools and give them Korean citizenships.